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When mowing the lawn, always keep an eye on the clock. Four out of five people in Germany feel bothered by noise, according to the Federal Environment Ministry. According to the Federal Environmental Agency, the noise is even number one environmental problem for around twelve million Germans. Since due to the increasing technology old hand-operated devices have long since become obsolete, today more and more motorized devices such as lawnmowers and Co. are used in the garden. According to garden law, certain rest periods apply to the use, such as the mid-day rest, which should be strictly adhered to.

Since September 2002, there is therefore a nationwide noise protection regulation, which regulates the operation of noisy machines such as lawnmowers and other motor equipment. A total of 57 gardening tools and construction machines are affected by the regulation, including lawn mowers, brush cutters and leaf blowers. Manufacturers are required to provide their devices with a sticker indicating the maximum sound power level. This value must not be exceeded.

At what time may the lawn be mowed?

When mowing the lawn, the limits of the Technical Instructions for Protection against Noise (TA Lärm) must always be adhered to. These limits depend on the type of area (residential area, commercial area, etc.). When using lawn mowers, § 7 of the Equipment and Machine Noise Ordinance must also be observed. Accordingly, lawn mowing in residential areas is allowed on workdays from 7 am to 8 pm, but not allowed on Sundays and public holidays all day. The same applies in recreation, spa and clinic areas.
Depending on the time of day, leaf blowers, leaf blowers and lawn trimmers are subject to greater restrictions: they may only be used in working areas on working days from 9 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 5 pm. With these devices, therefore, a midday rest must be observed. An exception to this is only if your device carries the Ecolabel according to Regulation No 1980/2000 of the European Parliament.
In addition, always observe the local regulations. The municipalities are authorized to set additional rest periods in the form of a statute. You can find out from your local authority or municipality if such a statute exists in your community.

Brushcutter, brushcutter

Brushcutters and trimmers need to be silent at lunchtime

Violation of the usual rest periods

The legally prescribed times for the operation of lawnmowers and the other mentioned devices should be observed as possible, because who with very loud garden equipment such as gasoline powered hedge trimmers, grass trimmers or leaf blowers violates the provisions of this regulation, can be fined up to 50,000 € (§ 9 Equipment and Machine Noise Ordinance and § 62 BImSchG).

What rest periods apply to robotic lawnmowers?

The District Court of Siegburg has decided on 19.02.2015 (Ref 118 C 97/13) that the noise of a robotic lawnmower from the neighboring property is acceptable, as long as the statutory values ​​are observed. In the decisive case, the robotic lawnmower ran for about seven hours a day, only interrupted by a few loading pauses. Noise levels of about 41 decibels were measured on the neighboring property. After TA TA the limit for residential areas is 50 decibels. Since the rest periods have been observed, the robotic lawnmower can continue to be used as before.
Incidentally, there are no restrictions for mechanical hand lawn mowers. They can be used at any time of day or night - provided that the light required in the dark does not disturb the neighbors.

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