Irrigate lawns properly - how it works!

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Water the best morning

Especially in the midsummer, the lawn suffers from drought. So it's important to know how to do that Irrigate lawn properly got to. Many a "garden lover" then takes the garden hose or an irrigation system and lets the ice-cold water, even while the sun is high in the sky, trickling on the already damaged lawn.

Do not irrigate when the sun is shining
Then he wonders that instead of the lush green only brown and bald spots can be seen on the floor. Here is the first motto: "Stay away from faucet, when you laugh at the sun". Because the sunrays make the drops of water look like a burning glass.

Water the best morning
So you should first pour the lawn when no sun shines. That is, either in the morning or in the evening you can water your lawn. In the early morning dew has accumulated overnight, but that is not enough to keep the lawn sufficiently wet during the day.

That's why you should water your lawn in the morning. This is also much more efficient, because in the evening the water does not evaporate so quickly and mold can develop during the night. Also an evening irrigation does not fit into the natural process of nature. If you stick to it a bit, you will enjoy a healthy lawn.

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