Irrigate lawns properly - in the morning or in the evening

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Irrigate lawns properly - in the morning or in the evening: lawn

The lawn is the jewel of the terrain in most gardens. But many hobby gardeners foster this wrong and then it is soon over with the green splendor.

Morning or evening - water the lawn properly

Midsummer is actually pure poison for the lawn, as it suffers enormously in this time of dryness. It is all the more important that you bring back the necessary moisture. Many hobby gardeners in this situation simply grab the water hose and douse the lawn with icy water and, if possible, when the sun is highest in the sky. Of course this is completely reversed, because the burning sun and the icy water in combination eventually lead to bare, brown spots in the lawn.
Therefore, it is advisable to water the lawn if possible in the morning or in the evening when little or no sun is shining. Ideally, however, you should prefer the early hours of the morning, as dew accumulates overnight and already provides the soil with some moisture. In addition, the soil in the evening can not dry enough and it would mold with additional irrigation form. The lawn would be over.

Too much watering the lawn

Unfortunately, many people are mistaken that much helps too much. But the opposite is often the case, because the turf occasionally dryness ago and too much moisture in the long run would do more harm than good anyway.
You can also easily test the moisture of the lawn by stepping on the lawn. If the grass straightens up, there is still enough moisture in the lawn.
Many gardeners therefore rely on irrigation by lawn sprinkling. But this method consumes vast amounts of water, from which only minimal amounts can penetrate into the root. As an alternative, irrigation with rainwater, which you can easily collect in a suitable rain barrel and then use for all garden plants. In addition, this water has the advantage that it is not as cold as tap water, because this is rather unsuitable for the lawn.
If you water the lawn in the morning, only in small quantities and especially only when it is necessary, then you are sure to enjoy your bright green lawn for a long time.

Automatic lawn irrigation

To irrigate a lawn sufficiently to prevent dryness and heat damage, however, is very cumbersome if done in the conventional way with garden hose or even watering can. Remedy can create automatic irrigation systems for the lawn here.
The first requirement for the installation of an automatic race irrigation is the good accessibility of a water connection, because without this it does not work.
Once this has been clarified, the decision for the right irrigation system is imminent. You can choose from different systems.
The simplest and cheapest variant for lawn irrigation are the universal sprinkler. These are connected to the garden hose, placed on a tripod or a so-called slide and already the irrigation of the lawn can begin.
The universal sprinklers can be used fixed or rotating. How far they reach depends on the water pressure. But about 15 meters are quite reachable on throw range with a universal sprinkler.
The sprinklers are another irrigation system for the lawn. In this case, the nozzles are completely incorporated into the soil, so that they are not visible when not using the turf irrigation. This not only the sight of the lawn is restored, the accident risk is banned. When you turn on the irrigation system, the nozzles come from the ground due to the built-up water pressure and start with the lawn irrigation of the lawn. Pop sprinklers can produce up to 30 meters throw.
A third system is the spray nozzle systems. However, these are only limited to small areas used. You only reach a throw of 2 meters. Their advantages are the price and the easy construction. The spray nozzles are mounted on a mandrel for insertion into the ground. The water supply is via a short hose, which in turn is connected to the main water line, which may also be a hose, with an adapter.
The spray nozzle system is flexible and universally applicable. The nozzles can be plugged anywhere in the ground.
The choice of a watering system for the lawn is certainly also a decision that depends on the available financial resources. However, the fact is that with an irrigation system, you save money as well as time, because the lawn irrigation is optimized. When you are casting by hand, you will not reach it.

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