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A well-kept, lush lawn pleases the heart of every gardener and nature lover. But whether ornamental lawn, utility or sports turf. Holes and gaps cloud the beautiful sight very much. Weeds, moss and weather can cause disturbing spots in the lawn.
With the right instructions for turf and care tips, bald lawns will soon be a thing of the past.
Typical turf problems
If the lawn has bare surfaces, the following causes may be responsible:

  • moss
  • Heat or cold influences
  • Quecken
  • mushrooms
  • dandelion
  • weed
  • clover
  • high stress
  • wrong watering
  • lack of nutrient supply
Did these troublemakers do a great job, it happened - the otherwise beautiful lawn gets gaps and must be repaired. A grass seed sowing becomes necessary. It should be noted that in the best case the same lawn seed is used, which was also sown on the first sowing. Under these conditions, the repair result is more uniform.
Procedure for turf repair
Once the mishap has happened, it can be remedied quickly. With a few simple tips, each lawn quickly becomes beautiful and uniform green again. The exact procedure explains the following tips:
  1. first loosen up the bottom of the bald spot
  2. cover the place with seeds
  3. Press the seed firmly
  4. pour the seeds
  5. until the first grass seedlings are visible, cover the area (straw)
  6. larger clear areas ideally cut out deeper
  7. Filling the excavated area with topsoil
  8. cover with seeds
  9. press the seed
  10. Keep affected areas moist
Once all points have been completed, lush green will soon grow again on the previously barren areas.
How do you prevent bald spots in the lawn?
Many factors hinder the even turf growth. Weeds in the lawn or clover are signs of poor soil. So that holes in the lawn can not even arise, this advice should be followed:
  • regular fertilization to add nutrients to the soil
  • regular raking of weed-infested areas
  • treat excess weeds with weed killer
  • Regular lawn mowing, but the lawn should not be cut too short
  • Use a lawn puller to remove the weeds at the root
  • Scarify the lawn, in an optimal case, crosswise
  • Check the pH of the lawn regularly
By regularly taking care of and observing the above-mentioned factors, a dense lawn, without bald spots, can stand in the way.
Kahlstellen in the lawn by high heat
As soon as summer temperatures prevail, the next problem, which can be responsible for holes in the lawn. The heat in the summer can partially burn the lawn. Dried up areas in the grass have to be renewed, as no grass can grow here. Therefore, the lawn should never be mowed too short in summer. The shorter the grass, the faster it burns. Especially at high temperatures, the lawn needs water, so it can thrive in the hot season and continues to provide a neat look. All important tips for a well-kept lawn, even in summer, again at a glance:
  • Do not mow lawns in the summer
  • Always provide lawns with enough water at high temperatures
Thus, the lawn provides ample space for beautiful leisure activities in the summer and still looks well maintained.
High stress on the lawn
If the lawn is often frequented by people, the next problem arises. Due to the constant stress frequently committed areas use up quickly. Here, too, bald spots can arise. How to avoid this overuse is explained in the following tips:
  • possibly lay out turf
  • sewn to repair bald spots
Despite overuse, the lawn continues to look healthy.
Proper scarifying
To free the lawn of moss and felt, which may also be responsible for holes, scarifying is excellent. The best time for it is the spring. Remember: Before, the lawn should be cleared of leaves!
lawn diseases
Fungi are common cause of a lawn disease. The following diseases can affect the lawn and also trigger bald spots:
  • Powdery mildew
  • Leaf spot
  • Fairy rings
  • blackleg
  • rust disease
  • Dollar spot
  • Wurzelhalsf├Ąule
  • snow mold
All diseases that can infect the lawn are done with regular care. If the care of the lawn is carried out continuously, they have no chance to even appear at all.
The proper care of the lawn
Only those who always care for their lawn will keep it healthy and beautiful. Here are basic repetitions of the following tips for a manicured lawn without bald spots of great importance:
  • regular lawn mowing
  • regular fertilization and supply with nutrients
  • regular watering
  • Scarifying the lawn
Aerate the lawn
Those who mow their lawn more often, ensure a harmonious and symmetrical growth. Especially in the early summer months this tip should be heeded. For healthy growth, the nutrients of the fertilizer are indispensable. They supply the soil with important substances. This rewards the lawn with the most beautiful growth. The necessary irrigation is also important for a healthy lawn. In winter, of course, the lawn does not need as much irrigation as in the hot summer months of the year. Recurring scarifying of the green frees it from disturbing felts. This leads to a new root formation for healthy blades of grass. Between the individual Vertikutiervorg├Ąngen, the lawn may also be ventilated with a garden fork. This work benefits a healthy and well-kept lawn.
Any gardener who wants to own a beautiful lawn should pay attention to the most important aspects of care. Regular watering is just as important as supplying the soil with nutrients. So bald spots have no chance. From now on only lush green can be admired.
Interesting facts about lawn repair soon
Football fans know that. In the football stadium, the lawn, which is repeatedly affected by the games, is regularly maintained and repaired. You can do that at home too. Of course, not only when football is played on this lawn, but also when it comes to other work or leisure activities to injury.
  • It is often enough to improve and correct a damaged lawn with the new seed.
  • Best such repairs should be done in the spring.
  • If it is major damage to the lawn, mow the affected area as short as possible and eliminate the cut grass.
  • Then the scarification of the grass is on the program. Whether this is done by hand or with an automatic machine is your choice.
  • The important thing is that moss and unusable lawn components can be removed.
  • After this step is done, the sowing starts. Smaller areas go by hand, larger ones with the spreader.
This helper is often available for small money in the garden center market or borrow in many shops for a fee. Thus, the lawn is almost repaired and it is only the careful care.
Do you have a lot of weeds? Then a decorative lawn helps. Do children play on your lawn and is this often used and used for recreational activities? Then a working lawn should be created. A mixture of both cases does not make sense and is not the lawn repair.


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