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Buying lawn seeds - where and which - Where to buy grass seeds best? Which one should you buy? These questions are answered here. Under grass species you can, if they are not conclusive, provide an overview of what species are available and which are suitable for your project.
Lawn seeds - but where does one buy it?
Lawn seeds are available in every good nursery, in the garden center as well as in the hardware store. Often, supermarkets also offer cheap lawn seeds. This seed does not necessarily have to be bad, but really good service and advice can only offer a specialist shop such as hardware store and Co. There you will not only be well advised, there you will also get really good grass seed.
Which grass seed to take? Brand seeds?
With lawn seeds that you get in the hardware store, you can basically not do much wrong. The seed usually costs between ten and fifteen euros per kilogram. With a good brand name you can get around 50 square meters with one kilo of seeds. Although this costs a bit more than cheap seed, but you do not have to look so close, because the germination rate is usually very high and even a seeking so unnecessary.
Best buy expertly selected grass seed mixtures
A high-quality lawn seed is always mixed together from several varieties of seeds, with each selected variety of grasses to bring their own positive properties and usually also contributes to the negative characteristics of another type of grass less come to fruition.
The compilation of a mixture of different grasses is therefore by no means an uncomplicated affair that belongs in the hands of experts. Such experts exist in Germany, and they also put together every year the best grass seed mixtures: The Research Association Landscape Development Landscaping (FLL) mixes now since the late 1980s every year a variety of so-called rule-seed mixtures with which they Responding to new environmental requirements and new practical insights. In addition, it is considered that each year different amounts of the respective crops are harvested, the lawn seeds should be so fresh.
The Rule-Seed-Mixes are put together for a variety of uses and locations, so you always get a mix of grass seeds, which produces the lawn you would like to have in a certain soil and a specific location: ornamental lawns or lawns, sport lawns or Lawn for green roofs, landscaped lawns and a special lawn seed for a biotope. These were not all varieties, and you can also choose between several variants: grass seeds for dry layers and grass seeds with herbal content, seeds for easy-care grass and acid soil, seeds for moistening or for partial shade or for a particularly heavy use.
These Rule Seed Blends or RSM often contain up to six different grasses, and they have already been proven on trial plots. So if you ask the retailer for a Rule Seed Blend that suits your purpose, you can not go wrong. Each RSM has a number, e.g. B. 5.1, and a name for this lawn, z. B. Parking lawns.
The (paved with many colorful promises) way to the right grass seeds
If you want to follow the advice given just now, you must first find a dealer who knows about lawn seeds, here are a few tips:

  • Buy from the retailer, not at the nearest discount store
  • The retailer knows the RSM and advises you free of charge about the correct selection of a mixture
  • Calculate for every supposedly cheap offer the kilo price and compare
  • An RSM is quite cheap, about between 5, - and 10, - ÔéČ per kilogram you can count on
  • It is therefore usually cheaper than a "special lawn seed offer", which is sold somewhere outside the specialized trade
  • On the contrary, the nicer the slogans are on the packaging, the more expensive the seeds become
  • It is better not to shop in internet shops that do not give any details about the seed
  • You should also refrain from buying, if not even the amount is specified, a pack image may be fooled
Even if the nicely designed package with the imprint "Royal Lawns" still attracts so much - opt for the pack with the RSM, which is less colorful and printed only with a list of boring Latin names (the grasses included), your lawn it will thank you with "royal splendor".

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