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lawn earth

A well-kept lawn is the figurehead of every garden. No wonder that every gardener wants to do his best and plans and monitors everything from sowing to mowing. But a healthy and beautiful to see growing lawn not only for a good seed. Rather, it is the ground that serves as a base and decides decisively whether the lawn is handsome or not.
The opinions are diverging
If you ask different experts on the topic of lawn soil, you will most likely get the most varied answers to this topic. Because the opinions on the right grass soil are quite far apart. However, the fact is that the grass soil is always based on the type of lawn. Because lawn is not always the same lawn. There is the play lawn, which must be particularly robust and the ornamental lawn, which simply has to look beautiful. Therefore, at this point, some basic properties are to be collected, which speak for a manicured lawn and relate to the lawn soil.
Lawn must always be hard-wearing in the first step. Whether playing lawns or ornamental lawns - if the composition of the earth does not fit, the lawn will not thrive properly. In addition, lawn soil must be permeable to water. It should therefore not be too heavy, because the roots of the lawn otherwise can not be sufficiently supplied with water and nutrients. If it is still so well balanced that the lawn can grow well, many conditions are met for a beautiful lawn.
Tip: If you opt for turf, then this brings a small amount of ideal lawn soil with it. The earth in your own garden therefore only has to be superficially adapted.
Composition of the earth
In order to get a good lawn, the composition must fit. Experts recommend using a high compost content of at least 50%. The compost is so rich in nutrients that the turf is well cared for for years to come. The rest of the lawn soil should consist of about 35% humus and 15% sand. Everything mixed well so you get the ideal lawn soil. Because this composition guarantees a good drainage, which prevents a congestion of the water, but nevertheless provides the roots with sufficient water.

Sowing grass

In addition, the soil is rich in nitrogen, phosphate and potassium oxide due to this composition. Substances, which especially young lawns urgently need to grow. The PH value of the self-applied lawn soil should be between 5.5 and 6.0. Corresponding tests can be carried out quite easily. Fertilizers, on the other hand, should only be added if the lawn has been growing for some time and if the prepared lawn has lost its own nutrients.
Tip: A soil can never contain enough nutrients. For this reason, you do not have to worry that too much "good" soil could harm the lawn. But on the contrary.
Mix it yourself
Of course, it would be easy to buy finished lawn soil commercially. Especially the specialized trade holds sufficient products ready in this regard. However, this is then not tuned to the existing ground and at worst could not perform as well as one might imagine. For this reason, it is advisable to mix the appropriate lawn soil yourself.
Tip: The required substances for the right mixture can be obtained from your own garden or from specialist retailers. In addition, the necessary working materials should always be considered, which facilitate mixing and are indispensable for soil preparation.
The underground
But it is not just the right soil that determines good growth. The underground must be right. So it is important that the existing soil is well loosened and straightened. A lawn should always be as straight as possible for easier pouring.
The self-made grass soil can then be applied in a layer of about 0.5 to 1.5 cm on the already existing soil. Again, a straight surface should be created so that the lawn is beautiful in the end. After sowing the lawn seed, it is important that it is pressed well. The final watering brings the needed moisture and lets the seed germinate quickly.
Required work materials
No production of a perfect lawn without suitable working materials. Because the floor can still be so good. If it is not prepared properly, the conditions for the lawn are not optimal.

lawn earth

To be able to create a good soil as a basis for the lawn. If a roller is needed. It attaches the seeds of the lawn after sowing. With a bucket, the grass soil can be applied and distributed. The rake helps in spreading and creates a smooth surface that is free of larger clods of earth. In addition, it is advisable to stake out the lawn with a band and various posts.If it is very windy or the birds pick the seeds again and again, it can also be helpful if an old curtain is placed over the surface until the seed has risen and the birds are no longer interested in it.
frequently asked Questions
Why should sod be mixed by yourself?
Every floor is different. For this reason, self-mixed soil can be more specific to existing soil than to earth purchased commercially. Even if there is special grass soil.
Which substances should be included?
For the required substances, the focus is on compost. He makes up about half of the lawn soil. In addition, 35% humus and 15% sand are needed. The sand loosens up the soil and ensures that a lot of water can reach the lawn. In addition, it acts as a drainage and prevents waterlogging.
How strong should the layer with the special grass soil be?
Since grass is rooted only shallow, the lawn soil must be applied only as a thin layer. 0.5 to 1.5 cm are sufficient. However, care should be taken that the layer is evenly distributed and no bumps occur.

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