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Irrigating large lawns with a watering can makes little sense. The solution is a lawn sprinkler, provided you know the subtle differences.

Lawn Sprinkler Guidebook

Summer, sunshine and sunshine could be so beautiful if flowers, herbs, trees and the lawn were not always thirsty. But thanks to the gardener's dearest helper, sunbathing can be enjoyed: a lawn sprinkler likes to do this job - thanks to sophisticated technology, it can even be almost self-contained. Which devices are common on the market and what to consider when buying a sprinkler, we reveal in the first part of this article. Afterwards we summarized our best tips on the topic of grass blowing or pouring and irrigating.


  • Buy 1 lawn sprinkler - which type should it be?
  • 2 How do I recognize a good lawn sprinkler?
  • 3 lawn sprinkler maintenance - Duty of longevity
    • 3.1 winter Winterize the lawn sprinkler
  • Blow up your lawn - our best tips
    • 4.1 Error 1: Irrigation follows too late
    • 4.2 Error 2: Too much or too little water
    • 4.3 Error 3: No control of the amount of water in the soil
    • 4.4 Error 4: Irrigation is done during the day
    • 4.5 Error 5: New lawn is not sufficiently irrigated
    • 4.6 Error 6: The lawn needs no water after a storm or summer rain
    • 4.7 Error 7: After weeding the weeds are poured

Buy lawn sprinkler - which type should it be?

Since one square meter of green space per day loses on average about four liters of water (the value varies depending on humidity and soil type), but not every plant can handle the same amount of water, there are now various types of lawn sprinklers on the market. Their operation and optics are fundamentally different, as can be seen in the following table:

circle sprinkler
"Irrigation is jet-shaped
✔ easy to adjust
✔ Most devices have different programs to choose from
✔ can also be used under trees
✔ In the normal case, circular sections or full circles can be irrigated
✘ due to the recoil from the jet of water these lawn sprinklers must be fixed
✘ when using several devices, double irrigation may occur
rotors (belong to the sector or circular sprinkler category)
"suitable for groundcover, bushes, shrubs and large lawns
"Irrigation is jet-shaped
✔ In this variant, a so-called sprinkler head is sunk on a kind of tripod in the ground
✔ therefore, the devices are visually very inconspicuous
✔ Depending on the water pressure, the reducer automatically comes out of the ground
✔ thanks to the rotation, the water is distributed evenly
Very quiet
✘ Devices with plastic parts are more prone to failure and less robust
✘ requires regular maintenance
Impact lever or rocker sprinkler
"suitable for large lawns and ground cover
"Irrigation is jet-shaped
✔ works very precisely
✔ high casting distances possible
✔ no assembly necessary
✔ is one of the best selling devices - so the choice is very large
✔ Because these units are not permanently installed, they can be placed in a different location in the garden as needed
✔ if made of metal, these lawn sprinklers are very durable
✘ the nozzle is not sunk into the ground, so the rocker arm sprinkler is always visible
✘ on some devices, the sound of the beat sounds very loud
"suitable for shrubs and lawns
"the irrigation takes place surface-shaped
✔ as a skewer to stick in the ground or foot available for setting up
✔ There are nozzles through which the water is sprayed
✔ Since these sprinklers only come out of the ground when pressure is applied to the spray nozzle, they are very inconspicuous
✘ more suitable for smaller areas
✘ high degree of evaporation
"suitable for large areas
"the irrigation takes place surface-shaped
✔ ideal for rectangular or square surfaces
✔ easy installation: the square sprinkler only has to be connected to the garden hose
✔ This lawn sprinkler distributes the water by means of movably mounted nozzles
✔ Often the throwing width, length and width can be set directly on the device and thus the irrigation area can be determined exactly
✔ little overlap with multiple devices
✘ just like the rocker sprinkler, the square sprinkler is not sunk into the ground and can therefore disturb the overall picture
✘ With some devices, the throw width, length and width can only be regulated via the water pressure
✘ in strong wind, the fine jets of water may drift off
✘ less suitable for use under trees
Large-Area Irrigation
"suitable for large areas
"The type of irrigation can usually be set individually
✔ Modern technology is used here
✔ electronically controlled
✔ precise area coverage possible
✔ even water distribution
✔ In short: these devices are very comfortable
✘ the many setting options can overwhelm you at the beginning
✘ the devices are more expensive than conventional sprinklers

Meanwhile, there are also sprinklers for terrace and balcony plants that work extremely sparingly. Especially that 1 minute irrigation system from Gardena is well-known for an efficient irrigation of potted plants and also very suitable for temporary bridging (eg of vacation periods in which no one pours).

How do I recognize a good lawn sprinkler?

This question is not so easy to answer in one sentence. Therefore, in this table we have summarized the most important criteria when selecting a lawn sprinkler:

applicationAs you can see from the overview of the common lawn sprinklers, there are models that distribute the water radiant and surface. Therefore, it must first be decided how and which plants should be sprinkled. In addition: not every type of grass can handle the same amount of water (more on that under the point "Blow up - our best tips").
Throwing distance, width and lengthAs soon as it is clear whether a radial or surface sprinkler is needed, the size of the area to be irrigated should be measured. Following this, the manufacturer's descriptions may be based on criteria such as the maximum
  • Watered area
  • irrigation width
  • width of spray
  • and the irrigation angle
be reviewed.
settingsFor this criterion, lawn sprinklers can be divided into two categories:
1. mechanically
2. electronically
adjustable. More and more devices can be remotely controlled and are therefore very user friendly. But mechanically adjustable sprinklers are usually less sensitive and easier to repair.
connectionNot every lawn sprinkler is equipped with a standard thread. In this case, a special hose or pipe system is needed, which is not always included.
ManufacturerThe best-known brands in lawn sprinklers include companies such as:
  • Kärcher
  • Gardena
  • Hunter
  • Siena Garden
  • Perrot
However, there are also a large number of No Name manufacturers on the market, whose equipment is often imported from Asia and therefore are so cheap. However, when it comes to the quality of the devices and whether there is (German) customer support, the big question is often.
OthersWhen reading reviews and reviews, you should also look for the following criteria:
  • stability
  • About tenderness
  • Uniformity of water distribution
  • Performance for large and small areas
Finally, we would like to summarize again which questions you should ask yourself before buying a lawn sprinkler:

  1. What do I need the lawn sprinkler for?
  2. Do the throw distance and other important values ​​match my garden?
  3. Does the possibly existing pipe system fit the lawn sprinkler?
  4. How can the appropriate settings be made on the device?
  5. How maintenance-intensive is the model?

Lawn sprinkler maintenance - Duty of longevity

Even if lawn sprinklers are weather and stain resistant, that does not mean they are not well cared for. Therefore, the device should be at least cleaned from the outside every two weeks become. For example, dirt such as grass, leaves and soil can clog the nozzles and cause problems. Not only that the sprinkler may no longer distribute any water at all - it can also easily run out and submerge the area around the lawn sprinkler, which does not necessarily affect the plants.

While coarse impurities are simply removed by hand or a damp cloth, stubborn dirt can also be used to clean the outside surfaces.

To avoid performance problems with water pressure, you should Check the connection between the water hose and the lawn sprinkler regularly and clean if necessary. Here it can come to deposits, which are to be removed depending on the nature.

Gearbox drivers are powered by wheels and a turbine. These are usually made of plastic or metal and are very sturdy. However, problems such as poor water quality, excessive pressure or normal wear can cause the gears to stop moving and the turbine to stop spinning accordingly. Therefore we recommend one regular cleaning of the filterby settling dirt and other particles.

Depending on the problem, it can also help if you have the Replace seals, Most manufacturers stock a wide range of spare parts, including body caps and rubber protective covers. With a little craftsmanship so the purchase of a lawn sprinkler can be avoided.

In addition, many manufacturers provide model-specific care instructions along the way - these can be read in the operating instructions and should be noted.

Winter Winterize the lawn sprinkler

If not properly stored, lawn sprinklers may not survive the winter. At the beginning of the cold period, the device should first be thoroughly cleaned and then dried in sunlight. Moisture inside could in the worst case lead to rust, which makes the sprinkler unusable. Therefore, a dry place suitable for storage.

Blow up your lawn - our best tips

A well-kept lawn is the figurehead of every garden. However, excessive solar radiation and heat are rapidly increasing in green. Since the roots of grass protrude only about 15 cm into the ground, additional irrigation is essential. In addition, grass weeds such as plantain and hawkweed continue to spread - even if the lawn is withered.

Simply hiring the lawn sprinkler at some point is often not a solution. Therefore, we show below the most common mistakes and solutions.

Error 1: Irrigation follows too late

Many gardeners only reach for the lawn sprinkler when the grass is already slightly withered. But in this case, the dry damages are already very advanced, because most of the blades are already irretrievably damaged. Therefore, the sprinkler should already be used when the lawn no longer looks juicy green, but gets a slight gray cast.

Tip! Good to see is a great dryness also on limp leaves or the fact that the blades of grass do not reappear when you step on it.

Mistake 2: Too much or too little water

As already mentioned, depending on the type of soil, temperature and humidity, the soil dries at different rates. Therefore, one can not say in general how much or little water is optimal. Nevertheless, the following values ​​are to be considered as indications:

SoilLiters per square meterregularity
Sandy ground15 to 15 litersevery three to four days for about one to two hours each
Clayed or loamy soil15 to 20 litersonce a week
In both cases, it is perfectly fine if the ground becomes muddy. So the water can infiltrate and be absorbed by the roots.

Error 3: No control of the amount of water in the soil

The reason for the different irrigation recommendations is that clayey soils store the water longer. In addition, you should always keep an eye on what the lawn looks like and, accordingly, water more often or less often. Here are three ways to control the amount of water in the soil:

  1. Set up rain gauge
    If the above recommendations are followed, a rain gauge should also be installed. This makes it possible to determine exactly how moist the ground is.
  2. Install flow meter
    For metering the water, we recommend a flow meter and the determination of the optimum amount of water. For this, the total size of the lawn to be watered is required. This value is sometimes times the liters per square meter recommended for the soil. After the corresponding number has been entered in the flow meter, the unit stops automatically when the amount of water has passed through.
  3. Moisture test with sod
    Those who do not have such modern technology at their disposal can also resort to an old trick: they use a spade to prick a sod (square piece of grass) out of the lawn. Now you can measure with a ruler how far the grass is properly moistened. Afterwards, the sod should of course be re-used and carefully treaded.

Error 4: Irrigation is done during the day

On stressful days you might not be able to break the grass until the afternoon. But then about 90 percent of the moisture evaporates again. Especially on hot days, the sprinkling should be done in the morning, so that excess water can dry during the day and so mold growth is prevented.

The time problem prevents irrigation watches (also known as timers for power lines) before. While simple models can only set fixed times for lawn sprinkling, high-tech devices can do much more.

✓ Watering intervals can be set for different days.
✓ Some models can be coupled directly to the pipe system, so that the different areas in the garden can be irrigated with different intensity.
✓ Depending on the irrigation computer or expansion module, these vary depending on rainfall and soil moisture.
✓ Depending on the functionality, it is even possible to access the watering timer and thus the lawn sprinkler via WLAN.

Admittedly, these luxury designs in combination with a high-quality lawn sprinkler are a bit more expensive - but it definitely worth a cost-benefit calculation: what is worth it, that the garden is irrigated almost fully automatically - and in return for valuable free time is gained?

Error 5: New lawn is not sufficiently watered

After sowing, the lawn sprinkler should run about every two days for two to three weeks to allow the fresh grass to thrive.

But beware of jet-shaped irrigation: If the jet is too hard, the seeds may be flushed away. In this case, it is better to use a device that sprays like a flat surface.

Mistake 6: After thunderstorms or summer rains the lawn needs no water

Many hobby gardeners are looking forward to a shiver, because the plants have gotten enough water then. But if it does not just pour out of buckets, probably only the surface of the earth was moistened. In this case it is absolutely necessary to water with a lawn sprinkler, so that the green is sufficiently moisturized.

Mistake 7: Weeding is done after weeding

Actually, it seems logical: the lawn has just been cleared of weeds, now some water and everything is done. But small weeds and remaining parts of plants grow better when supplied with water.

Video Board: How to design a lawn sprinkler system.

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