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Do not use weed killers

If you have a garden, you will also pay special attention to lawn care. This includes fighting grass weeds.

Everything is allowed to bloom in the Bauernwiese
It depends on your own taste, whether you want an English lawn or if it may be a peasant meadow. In the farmers meadow, everything is allowed to flourish and thrive, as it would like, but not in the English turf. But weeds do not stick to that.

Do not use weed killers
First of all, it is certainly a shame to say pretty flowers like honor, daisies and even dandelion weeds. In the lawn, however, they disturb many hobby gardeners. Of course you can use weed killers to get a grip on them, but that's not what should happen, because that's not natural.

Fights grass weeds
If weeds in the lawn are sporadic, then you should get down to work and hunt with a weed cutter. See our weed cutter comparison. If you want to have a nice lawn, you just have to suffer. If the weed outgrows, you will not be able to get past the scarifying of the grass. The hardest part is weeds in a turf.

Video Board: How to Fix a Lawn Full of WEEDS - DIY Weed Control.

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