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Even if a lawn is hardy later on, it is particularly important when setting up the lawn to make sure that the young grass seed does not get frosty. So, when is the best month to start a new lawn can vary slightly from region to region.
In Germany it can be considered as a general rule that it would not be good to start a new lawn before mid-May, because there is almost always the danger of a sudden cold snap with night frost, which would kill the young grass seed.
Ideal time to turf
If you want to give your young turf a good start, to wake up well, grow well and start the first winter in a stable and stable manner, you should start your lawn in mid to late May. There is then no risk of frost, it is usually warm and sunny, but also not too hot when the first blades of grass spit out of the ground. They can develop so well and do not burn by too much hot sunshine, because the sun in May is usually warm, but not to say. The young lawn has so very good starting conditions.
Lawn sowing in June, July, August and September
The summer months of June, July and August can be very hot in this country. In general, lawn seed is still running fast, tight and well in these months. Even then, a lawn still has a good chance of growing well and being strong in the winter and not freezing in the cold season. Lawn should not be sown later than in September. Already in October first night frosts can come and that does not tolerate freshly accumulated grass unfortunately. Even September is already a month, which is chosen very late to start even with the creation of a lawn. This month is therefore just acceptable that it could work with the grass seed.
In summary, there are the following:

  • Lawn must be laid in the frost-free time
  • The best month to turf is May, the second half of May
  • even the months of June, July and August are still acceptable for turfing
  • September is the last month of the year where a new lawn could still accumulate
Lawn sprouts on the surface
Who creates a new lawn should pay attention to the following aspects. First, you need to make the surface as level as possible for the lawn area. The grass seed is then carefully and evenly distributed on this surface. The grass seed must not be covered with soil, as lawn seed germinates on the surface and would not cover up covered. Then you can take a pair of old garden shoes, nail wooden boards or something similar underneath and gently walk across the lawn to keep the young grass seed well pressed so that it will not fly away or flow laterally too much when casting. It is important to keep the newly created lawn always moist until it has accumulated well and forms a firm sod. In doing so, the garden hose should be adjusted so that the irrigation water only meets the young grass seeds very gently, so that they are not flushed through, but only gently moistened with water. Especially in the heat, regular watering of a young and straight turf is important.
Which lawn is suitable for which purpose?
There are many different mixtures of grass and that's a good thing. From a beautiful lawn, many people have very different ideas. Some people love a very fine even English lawn in which no herbs or flowers should be. If you have children, you probably want to make sure that the grass is robust and can stand it when the kids are playing and playing. Other people find lawns particularly beautiful, which contain not only grass but also many herbs and wildflowers. Even clover and daisies can be something that some people find particularly beautiful in a lawn. All these things are already available to buy in very different mixtures. Many gardeners are happy to advise their customers on the grass and flower mixtures they have on offer.
Do not mow the young lawn too early
Once the young lawn has accumulated, it will start to grow very quickly if it is well cared for and sufficiently watered. The young sward is not very firm then. It is therefore important to know that a newly accumulated young lawn should not be mown too early for the first time. He should be a bit more stable and strong for the first lawn cut. If the new turf is not, then it could happen that the young grass is immediately torn away with the lawnmower and ugly bald spots develop everywhere. A little patience before the first mowing is therefore very helpful.
Careful: Fertilizing is important especially for young grass
The young grass seed is applied to good topsoil. Later, it gets the lawn good to be fertilized from time to time. Especially with very young lawn, however, caution is advised. Very quickly, the fine grass is burned by too much fertilizer. That is why it is important not to fertilize too early or too much.
Find out more about the lawn soon
  • To create a lawn, you should select the spring months of March and April.
  • First, you have to clear the area where the lawn is to be created of weeds, moss and roots.
  • Subsequently, excavations are carried out so that the floor is loosened and ventilated.
  • In addition, you can sift and remove larger stones and roots during the excavation work.
  • Once the surface has been cleaned and dug up, the surface on which the grass seed is to be sown is straightened.
  • This can be done with a rake, or, if the area is more extensive, with a grading aid.
  • The straightened surface must now remain untreated for at least a week before you can sow the grass seeds.

Lawn seeds are available for a wide variety of grass types and needs. Important when buying lawn seeds is whether you want to sow a completely new lawn or whether you want to renew an existing lawn or whether you decide to a so-called seeding. Another criterion when buying lawn seeds is the condition of the soil. A first overview of the wide range of lawn seeds can be found in specialized online shops and garden centers. Basically, a distinction is made between:
  • Sports turf,
  • Greens,
  • Shadow Lawn,
  • landscape lawn
  • and flower meadows
In order not to lose track and buy the right product, you need to know what your future lawn needs to be right before you buy it.

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