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Anyone who wants to buy a robotic lawnmower is initially deterred by the high price of the equipment. Even the entry-level models of the brand manufacturers cost in the hardware store to the 1000 euros. If you buy your device in the retailer or would like something more area performance and equipment, you have also quickly reached the 2000-euro limit.
But if you ask amateur gardeners, who already own a robotic lawnmower, for their experiences, not a few people speak of the best purchase of their gardener's life. Not only do they appreciate being able to spend more time working in the garden, they are also surprised at how good the lawn has suddenly looked since "Robby" started mowing.

To be able to estimate more accurately whether a robotic lawnmower, despite its high purchase price, is a good investment, it is worth taking a look at the big picture. Using the example of a 500 square meter lawn area, we roughly calculated the total cost of a robotic lawnmower compared to an electric mower and a gasoline lawnmower per year.

That's how much a robotic lawnmower costs

For the mentioned area size, a robotic lawnmower in the price range of 1000 euros with an effective hourly output of about 50 square meters per hour is sufficient. The charging time for the battery is already taken into account in the area information. So the robotic lawnmower needs to run for ten to twelve hours a day to completely mow the area. The power consumption is still limited, because robotic lawnmowers are very energy efficient: Consumption-priced devices have 20 to 25 watts of motor power and consume only six to eight kilowatt hours of electricity per month. This corresponds with an eight-month operating period - from the beginning of spring to mid-November - annual electricity costs between 14 and 18 euros.
Another cost point are the knives, which should be replaced every four to six weeks on robotic lawnmowers with light, razor-sharp stainless steel blades. The required blade rates cost about 15 euros per season. The built-in lithium-ion battery can withstand about 2500 charging cycles, which can be reached after three to five years, depending on the operating time of the robotic lawnmower. An original replacement battery costs about 80 euros, so you have to calculate per year with 16 to 27 euros battery costs.

Lawn Mower

Neighbors often feel disturbed by the tubes of the petrol mower. They usually have a sound power level of 90 decibels and more. Mowing robots are significantly lower at 50 to 70 decibels. But these devices are constantly whirring over the terrain. With a petrol mower, however, the lawn is shorn in a manageable time. Talk to the neighbors best, then there is often a friendly solution.

Interesting is the calculation, taking into account the labor costs. We use it comparatively low at 10 euros per hour. The installation takes four to six hours, depending on the complexity of the lawn. Maintenance is limited to four to five blade changes per year, cleaning and clearing in winter and clearing out in spring. It takes about four hours in total.

A big advantage of the robotic lawnmower is that you do not have to worry about disposing of the grass clippings. The devices work according to the mulching principle - that is, the fine cut residues simply trickle into the turf and rot there. The disposal of grass clippings is often possible only in small gardens with a high proportion of turf only through the municipal garbage disposal, as there is no space for their own composting and subsequent recycling of the compost.
The second advantage of the mulching principle is that the turf manages with less fertilizer - which of course also makes itself felt in the purse. If you use a high-quality long-term lawn fertilizer with a three-month duration of action, you have to reckon with 60 square meters of fertilizer costs per year on an area of ​​500 square meters. For a robot-mown lawn, only half the amount of fertilizer is needed - so you save around 30 euros per year.

The cost of 500 square meters of lawn at a glance

  • Purchase robotic lawnmower: approx. 1000 Euro
  • Installation (4-6 hours): about 40-60 Euro

Operating costs per year

  • Electricity: 14-18 euros
  • Knife: 15 euros
  • Battery: 16-27 euros
  • Care and maintenance (4 hours): 40 euros
  • Lawn fertilizer: 30 euros

Total costs in the first year: 1155-1190 euros
Costs in the following years: 115-130 euros

Cost of an electric mower

To mow a 500-square-meter lawn you need an average of about one hour of mowing time on an electric mower with 43 centimeters cutting width, with time varying greatly depending on the cut and the number of obstacles in the area. If you mow the lawn once a week during the season, the electric lawnmower will have an operating time of about 34 hours in one season.This corresponds to an annual power consumption of about 15 to 20 euros for devices with 1500 watts of motor power.

electric lawnmowers

Electric lawnmowers score with low noise, easy maintenance and a good price-performance ratio

The initial cost of an electric lawnmower are low: Brand appliances with 43 centimeters cutting width, there are already around 200 euros. However, you also need a minimum of 25 meters long extension cable, which beats at about 50 € to book. The maintenance cost of an electric mower is minimal - if you value a clean cut, you should regrind the knife once a year or swap. For a specialist workshop takes around 30 euros. The two-time lawn fertilization beats at 60 euros per year to book. Although you can reduce these costs to 30 euros, if you use a mulching mower. However, this also increases the mowing time significantly, because you have to mow twice a week during the main growing season from May to July.
The labor costs amount to a total of 48 hours per year. 34 hours of this are the mowing time, including the emptying of the grass catcher. Another 14 hours you have to calculate for the preparation and post-processing. These include clearing and tidying the lawn mower, folding the cable, removing the clippings and cleaning the device.

The cost of 500 square meters of lawn at a glance

  • Purchase electric mower: 200 euros
  • Purchase cable: 50 euros

Operating costs per year:

  • Electricity: 15-20 euros
  • Knife service: 30 euros
  • Lawn fertilizer: 60 euros
  • Working hours incl. Cleaning and maintenance: 480 Euro

Total costs in the first year: 835-840 euros
Costs in the following years: 585-590 euros

Gasoline mower in the cost check

For a gasoline mower of a brand manufacturer with 40 centimeters cutting width, the cost is around 300 euros, a gas can costs another 20 euros. The cutting width can be slightly lower than with the electric mower - because you do not have to spend time on cable handling, you're done with an area of ​​500 square meters after an hour.

Lawnmower Empty grassbox

The classic gasoline mower does not have a cumbersome cable, but causes the highest operating costs. And not everyone has enough space for a compost to dispose of the clippings

As far as operating costs are concerned, petrol lawnmowers are the most expensive: every hour, modern lawnmower engines consume 0.6 to 1 liter of unleaded petrol, depending on their performance. If you use a price of 1.50 euros, the fuel costs for 34 operating hours per season are at least 30 euros. In addition, a relatively high maintenance, because gas mowers need once a year a service including oil change. Cost: depending on the workshop about 50 euros. As with the electric mower, you also have to calculate 60 euros for the gas mower for lawn fertilization and the working time is also comparable with 48 hours.

The cost of 500 square meters of lawn at a glance

  • Purchase gas mower: 300 euros
  • Purchase petrol can: 20 Euro

Operating costs per year:

  • Fuel: 30 euros
  • Maintenance: 50 euros
  • Lawn fertilizer: 60 euros
  • Working hours incl. Cleaning: 480 Euro

Total costs in the first year: around 940 euros
Costs in the following years: around 620 euros

More time to enjoy the garden

For many people, time is the new luxury - and even leisure enthusiasts do not necessarily want to spend their free time mowing the lawn. Already in the year of installation you have a total of 38 hours more time for "proper" gardening, in the following years even 44 hours - and now think about what you could do in the garden if you had a full working week more time per year!

Woman smells a rose blossom

If you do not have to mow the lawn yourself, you have more time to enjoy your garden

Taking into account the calculated hourly wage of 10 euros, entrepreneurial people also quickly come to the conclusion that a robotic lawnmower is a sensible investment - already in the second season, the electronic helper has significant cost advantages over the other two lawnmower types.
By the way: It is often said that the wear on robotic lawnmowers is much higher than on other lawnmowers. However, the first long-term experiences show that this is by no means so. Since the devices are very lightweight, the bearings are not particularly heavily loaded despite the long operating times. The only wearing part besides the knives is the lithium-ion battery, which, however, can be easily replaced without much manual skill.

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