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Learn to swim - pay attention to safety: learn

If you think about smaller children up to the age of about three years, it is that they have no orientation under water. Once the head is submerged, a small punt of fifteen centimeters deep is a deadly trap. This should always be remembered and remember that older children quickly lose their orientation in the water and panic, which in turn results in ingestion of water and, in the worst case, drowning.
That is why children should pay particular attention to swimming safety. Dehydration is one of the most common reasons for having a fatal accident in children. The age of the children who most often drowns is under four years old. The deadly traps, always in combination with water and not necessarily with swimming, are puddles, bathtubs, paddling pools, garden ponds, rain basins, wash basins and swimming pools. That's why it's more than important that you never, or never, allow children to bathe, splash or swim unattended for a tiny moment!
Although it has been mentioned here that swimming can not necessarily protect against drowning, it is important for children to attend qualified swimming lessons. And this best from the age of three to four years. This is because children lose their fear of the water, but also learn how to handle the wet element safely. And, what's more, when children learn how to swim well, how important it is to flush off the chlorine water, after swimming, how to handle cold water, and much more.
It is also important that children are not allowed to swim unattended. And, hand on heart, do you know what to do when it comes to a drowning accident? Are you familiar with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? Inform not only yourself, but the whole family.
Make sure that the children do not romp around the edge of the pool, leaving toys that can become tripping hazards lying around. Quickly one is hit with the head and falls into the water, loses the orientation, gets panic and swallows water. Remember, pelvic toys are not only tripping hazards, they also arouse curiosity and play instinct, and many a child has fallen headfirst into the water while fishing out a small rubber duck or similar.
If children are not yet safe in the water, think of swimming aids that do not hinder the child but still provide protective protection. Swimming goggles can also be beneficial.
Children should stay away from the diving boards. There is absolutely no swimming area in a swimming pool here. Many serious accidents have already happened!
Make sure that children do not swim with a full stomach or dive into the water completely overheated. Even with children, this can lead to major circulatory problems, which then become dangerous in the water.
Oh, inflatable game animals, air mattresses, etc. offer no protection against drowning, and certainly not insecure or non-swimming!
by Gabriele Sinzig-Freese

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