Dispose of foliage - where to go?

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Trees are beautiful shade donors in the garden. If only they did not do so much dirt in the fall. Sometimes even so many leaves fall on, that some do not know where to put it.

Leaf piles are good winter quarters for hedgehogs

The foliage that falls off the trees and remains on the sidewalk must be removed. Incidentally, even if the trees are not yours, but from the neighboring property. You have to take care of the removal of the foliage. You can not blame the neighbor or even store the leaves on public land - that's forbidden. You must not simply turn the foliage on the road. But where to go with all the leaves?

Cities have responded to the problem

Since many do not know where to leave all the foliage, leafy sacks are provided in many cities. They are tied to the trees so that the residents can dispose their leaves in it. They are also emptied regularly, so that the residents can always do their duties.

Our tip: Build a leaf box

If you do not know where to put all the leaves, just put on a box of leaves. To do this, you have to ram four wooden pegs into the ground and wrap them with a wire. There you can now give all the leaves to rot. This is how you kill two birds with one stone: the whole foliage is carefully disposed of and you can also make nutrient-rich fertilizers yourself.

In this way, you can make good use of the foliage

Why do you want to get rid of the whole foliage? As you have just learned, you can make valuable fertilizer yourself. And not only that. You can continue to use the fall foliage in many other ways. For example, like this:

Anlegen Create winter quarters for animals:

Of course you can also pile up the whole foliage. This creates a wonderful hiding place for hedgehogs. Simply stack the gathered foliage in a sheltered place.

❍ Use foliage as winter protection for beds:

Very many plants need cold protection in winter so that they can weather the icy temperatures well. Just work the foliage a little bit into the beds. In this way, you also fertilize the plants at the same time, because the leaves rot in the soil and release nutrients.

Some plants, such as e.g. frost-sensitive roses, prefer the foliage to the leaves. So that it does not blow away at the slightest draft, it is best to cover it with twigs.

Komp compost foliage:

Of course you can also compost the foliage and use it as fertilizer for the beds next spring. Just put the foliage on the compost and dig it a bit to keep the wind from spreading in the garden again. Reading tip: Composting foliage - How to make your own fertilizer.

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