Leaves of flowers and plants quickly dry and squeeze

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Leaves of flowers and plants quickly dry and squeeze: flowers

Colorful leaves in autumn, leaves of rare plants and leaves of fragrant flower buds are in the pressed state of beautiful memories. With them you can make individual handicrafts. In addition, they are coveted decoration objects for a fancy table decoration or, in the case of rose petals, an additive in the bath water or a fragrance dispenser in the wardrobe. In order to maintain the consistency as much as possible, it is advisable to dry leaves as quickly as possible. There are different methods for this.


Petals and leaves of trees and shrubs are preserved under the withdrawal of oxygen and water. For durability it is important to completely remove the moisture. Otherwise the leaves will mold later. To dry the sheets, absorbent material in the form of kitchen towels or newsprint is used in the drying process. For greeting cards or the preparation of a herbarium, the leaves are additionally pressed, sorted by plant families glued and labeled.

Dry leaves in a classic way

Dry leaves - leaf press - flower press

To squeeze the dried leaves, you must weight them. Anything that is heavy enough to put pressure on the leaves is suitable for this. For pressing, the leaves are placed on a flat surface on kitchen towels and covered with kitchen towels. Complain the leaves with a wooden board or a glass plate and place on it the weights for pressing. A plant press works on the same principle. The leaves are placed between the individual layers of the press and firmly clamped.
Tip: You can also press the sheets in a thick book or several newspapers. So that the pages are not dirty, we recommend a layer of paper between page and page.
Do not lay sheets in each page for pressing, but leave several pages free so that enough pressure is applied to the sheets. Change the protective paper after a few days. It absorbs moisture and could make the pages wavy. Dry leaves are very sensitive. You can break fast. Therefore, carefully remove the pressed sheets from the substrate.

frequently asked Questions

  • Which method works the fastest?
The fastest way is in the microwave or in the oven.
  • How long does the pressing of leaves take?
That depends on the thickness. First results are already apparent after three days.
  • How are rose petals dried?
If you want to keep your natural shape, then you will be dried in the air. As a substrate, a permeable material such as gauze or a sieve is recommended.
  • How do the petals retain their color?
If you want to go fast, salt or silicate atlases get the color. In slow dry, the color is best preserved when the leaves are dried in a dark place.

Things to know about drying leaves in the near future

Traditionally press with books
Leaves for which you want to preserve the color are best dried according to the conventional method: they are laid leaf by leaf between kitchen paper or blotting paper and then into a thick but not a good book. Then it's safest to stack some heavy books on top of it. After about 2 weeks, the leaves should be dry enough. The pages of the book may be able to rip when they get the moisture from the leaves. Therefore, good books should not be used. You can also use two strong cardboard instead of book pages and then put books or something heavy on it.
Dry leaves with dry salt

Roses dry with salt

Another possibility arises with dry salt. This will also preserve the leaf color. Place the leaves in a can, pour in a layer of salt and place the leaf or leaves in (side by side, not on top of each other): then add another layer of salt. This can be repeated layer by layer, the main thing, the leaves are all surrounded by salt. The vessel is closed and then it is time to wait. The salt changes its color. At first it is dark. The more moisture is absorbed by the leaves, the lighter it gets. So you can tell when the leaves are dry, but it takes a week or two. The salt is reusable but must be oven-dried.
Tip: If you spray the dried leaves with hair spray, they still shine beautifully.
Tea leaves air-dry
Leaves which are to be used for tea are spread on a layer of kitchen paper and allowed to air-dry. So they keep their flavor and most ingredients.

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