Clean leaves from indoor plants - 3 tips

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On plants, too, dust will settle over time, which is why you should clean the leaves of your house plants regularly. Here are three tips.

The leaves of houseplants need to be cleaned regularly

Indoor plants should be rid of dust at regular intervals, as this not only promotes their vitality, but also provides a better view. However, as houseplants can not hope for downpours like free-range plants, you have to lend a hand and clean the leaves yourself. In this regard, we have put together three tips for you to consider when cleaning the leaves.

Clean plant leaves properly - 3 tips

Tip 1 - Dusting plants:

Especially large-leaved houseplants can easily be dedusted, which is well suited for the use of a very fine-pored cloth or even a duster. However, you should be very careful in this work, so as not to hurt the individual leaves.

Tip 2 - showering plants:

Even easier is a shower of houseplants, which can be done on warm days without any problems on the balcony or the terrace - but not in direct sunlight (leaf fire danger). It is recommended to shower in the morning or evening hours. You should also use slightly tempered water.

You can also shower your houseplants in the shower or in the bathtub. This has the advantage that the plants do not have to be exposed to temperature fluctuations. Alternatively, you can of course also wet the houseplants with a spray bottle.

Tip 3 - bring plants to shine:

Many plant owners love it when the leaves of their houseplants have a shine. For this purpose you can, for example, very carefully rub the plant leaves with milk or vegetable oil. However, in some cases, such a treatment can also lead to damage to the plants (incompatibility), which is why you should only carry them out in exceptional cases.

Very important: the right additional care

If you ever clean your plants, then you should always carry out a complete care. These include the removal of withered leaves and flowers, any necessary cutting or fertilizer application and the control of a pest infestation. Furthermore, you can also clean the associated plant vessels on this occasion.

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