Lemon Verbena - Great scent, great taste

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You can eat the lemon verbena

Who wants to have a fresh fragrance in the apartment or in the conservatory, which brings the lemon verbena (Aloysia citrodora) into the house.

Great scent, great taste
A lemon verbena is also suitable for outdoor, but firstly you can not enjoy the wonderful smell there, as inside and second, it could be that the plant does not survive the winter. Because too low temperatures she does not like. So it's best to position it inside. By the way, lemon verbena is also called lemon shrub. The scent of lemon verbena promotes concentration and improves the indoor climate.

She is from South America
A lemon verbena needs a sunny spot and you have to water it regularly. Otherwise it is very easy to care for. In winter, she loses her leaves and she likes it frost-free and moderately bright. But even here you can not forget the watering. She is originally from South America. However, under the right conditions it can be planted worldwide.

You can eat the leaves
The leaves of the lemon Verbena not only smell great, they also taste wonderful. So you can add them to salads, sauces or meat. Whoever dries it, can make a tasty tea from it. This plant is not only pretty to look at, it also smells good and besides, she is a welcome guest in the kitchen.

The lemon verbena sells mosquitoes
In aromatherapy, lemon verbena is considered digestive, appetizing, stimulating and exhilarating. If you suck the rough leaves, then you can thus wonderfully clean his tongue. Incidentally, lemon verbena effectively repels mosquitoes, flies and other insects. As you can see, this plant is a true all-rounder.

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