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Undemanding Ivy - Care Tips: care

Winter decorations: Variegated ivy revives the garden in winter with color. H. helix Tricolor (also known as 'Marginata Elegantissima') has small, nearly triangular, gray-green leaves fringed in a yellow frame and often has a narrow pink border that widen in winter.
Further use: When Ivy is pulled on wire frames, picket fences or plastic nets, it forms very decorative room dividers within the garden. Ideal for this purpose are large-leaved varieties such as H. helix hibernica with five-lobed dark green leaves, perhaps combined with the colorful-leaved variety H. helix Goldheart.
Cultivation: While green-leaved ivy can tolerate both sun and shade, variegated species require some shade to prevent their leaves from burning in the sun. Each soil is suitable for the planting of ivy. Extremely acidic soils are fertilized with lime before planting. In front of a wall you keep a distance of at least 15cm. If the ivy is to surround a tree, it is planted between its roots and offers it as a climbing aid a diagonally inclined rod to the trunk. In order for ivy not to become top heavy and to spread excessively, it can be cut vigorously from mid to late spring. In the case of pan-fried forms, all shoots that are purely green are removed; in varieties with a particular foliage form, all shoots with ordinary leaves are removed. Ivy can usually not harm a stable wall. However, do not pull it on a wall with crumbling mortar, because this would be further damaged by the aerial roots. Ivy should be trimmed before it reaches the eaves.
Propagation: Most species and varieties can be propagated from cuttings that often rooted easily in a glass of water. In the middle to the end of the fall, take about 15 cm long cuttings from mature shoots, peel off and root them in sandy soil in a sheltered place.

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