Sow salad - That's how it's done

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Sow in rows

Anyone who does not only plant their garden as a decorative garden, but also as a kitchen garden, will certainly try to sow or plant salad.

You can do a lot wrong with sowing
As a rule, planting lettuce is not that difficult, but it can be disappointing if you do not stick to certain tips. Because you can certainly do some things wrong, even if many may not believe that at first. We have written down for you what you should pay attention to when sowing lettuce.

Sow salad - That's how it's done
Salad, especially the fast growing cut salad, needs a sufficient distance from each other. This is very important. And here's how to sow lettuce:

"Seed in a row, it does not matter if the seeds are very close together, some do not develop and those that are too close after being about 5 centimeters high are removed.

"Between the lettuce plants should be at least a distance of 20, better still 25 centimeters.This gives the individual plant more light and has enough space to grow.The advantages: The leaves are larger and, above all, they develop no bitter flavors.

Video Board: Growing Salad as a Cover Crop.

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