An airy-light garden room

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The monotonous green space behind the house invites you to linger. Extensive lawns make the area appear empty and lifeless. The covered terrace area was recently renewed, now ideas for a varied garden design are in demand

Suggestion 1: Airy-light garden room

Pastel shades, attractive trees and flowering beds transform the monotonous home garden into an oasis. Transverse and longitudinal flowerbeds and paths divide the open space in a pleasant way and make it seem inviting and comfortable. From the terrace a Steinplattenweg leads to the wooden bench on the opposite side.

Design proposal airy-light garden room

The Steinplattenweg crosses a shallow pool, which is embedded in the ground and closes at ground level

The extension of the basin is followed by a pebble bed, which is dominated by the copper rock pear. At their feet thrive steppe spurge, scented evening primrose 'Sulfurea' and gooseberry, which fit well with the ambience of the gravel areas. In spring, a pink and white tulip plant reveals its beauty, which makes the beds bloom with bright colors.

In front of the terrace, a narrow bed of plants is created, planted with bluebell, purple chives 'Forescate', daylily 'Catherine Woodberry' and giant leek 'Mount Everest'. Flower pots with tulips beautify the seat in spring, with stylish wood furniture and a large table for sociable rounds invites. The paved area between the garage and the terrace is removed and replaced by a path made of gray steps. Here is another perennial flowerbed.

Perennial flowerbed with garlic and daylilies

Stone slabs laid in gravel lead from the terrace into the garden. Delicate pinks and whites are found in the planting strip again. Daylily, ornamental onion, knapweed and purple chives provide variety here. The gravel area is planted with cushioning, white-flowering daisy

The Rambler Rose 'Lemon Rambler' thrives on the new rose arch, presenting its delicate yellow Flor in summer and exuding a wonderfully sweet scent. The existing marginal planting along the property boundary is partially replaced by deciduous shrubs such as snowflake shrub and copper pear. The bench by the side is framed by two beds planted with knapweed, gooseberry and white flowering shrubbery. In addition, hedge myrtles 'Maigrün' cut in spherical form set elegant accents.

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