Build light ceiling with LED yourself

The Content Of The Article: Ceilings are stretch ceilings with integrated lights or LEDs. By appropriate illuminants, a uniform, surface illumination of the room can be achieved.
In contrast to normal stretch ceilings, light ceilings are translucent. The secret of the blankets lies in the translucent diffuser film. Practically, the light source is not visible. Thus, individual points of light can be visible or the entire ceiling or sections of it shine. There are a variety of uses.
Light ceilings can be installed in almost any room. They are custom-made and adapt to all room conditions. They hide old, unsightly ceiling surfaces and light pipes. Light ceilings provide optimal illumination of the room and have an extraordinary design. There are a variety of design options. You can use warm or daylight white light, but also all other colors of the color spectrum.
You can build simple ceiling lights yourself. But there are also those that can not be done by laymen.
Build the light ceiling yourself
For a light ceiling with stretch film you need the special translucent film. You can order it precisely. Then it is best to build a framework for the LED lamps. The stretch ceiling is fastened underneath, quite normal on the wall strips, that's really all.
As an alternative, you can also use a suspended ceiling made of wood or plastic
build and leave individual fields free. Then the foil comes and through this shines
then the light. There are many different possibilities. You should already be a little gifted with craftsmanship. For the layman, these crafts are nothing, especially when it comes to large spaces. The effects that can be achieved with such a blanket, however, are worth all the effort. When it comes to self-construction, you can save a considerable amount of money.
Of course you can also build a lights ceiling without the stretch ceiling. Especially with wooden panels or cassettes, much can be achieved. In this spotlights or LEDs can be installed. This kind of light ceiling is easier to build. Again, build a subframe on which the panels or plates are attached. This usually works with a click system, similar to laminate. It does not have to be screwed or drilled and is quite easy and fast.
The holes for the LEDs must of course be sawed out. The leads for the lights are invisible behind the suspended ceiling. Since it does not bother, if it goes with the cables a bit confused. The effect of this light ceiling is great. It is easier to build and the materials are much cheaper. A good alternative.

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