Lighting in the garden must not disturb neighbors

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A nice lighting in the garden is great, but if it bothers the neighbors, you have to act.

Lighting in the garden

One probably knows this from one's own garden: If one works creatively, often flowers and plants are not enough, then also accessories and, of course, one Lighting in the garden.

In order to set the scene in the evening or at night, light is often used. A variety of light sources are used to illuminate the individual areas of the garden. And that can be a problem.

When the neighbor feels disturbed
Namely, when the neighbor feels disturbed by the lighting in the garden. It does not matter if his house, his terrace or his windows are directly lit or only the surroundings are illuminated.

Motion sensors are allowed
If it bothers him he can demand that the lights be switched off at night. It must be a permanent lighting, light with motion sensors is excluded, as well as street lights, which are on public grounds.

Not with the neighbors to get into unnecessary quarrels, you should put off in some cases, if you do not want to get it.

Video Board: Dealing With Annoying Neighbors.

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