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So that their flowers open at the same time as those of the roses and early summer shrubs, lilies should be planted in the spring. They are among the oldest garden plants ever and were already indispensable in the ancient Greek and Roman gardens. To this day, the onion plants have lost none of their popularity: wherever they unfold their beauty, whether in small groups between low bed roses or not too tall shrubs, in front of a hedge or evergreen groves, in the discounts or in the tub - lilies involuntarily attract all attention and impress the viewer with the perfection and strong presence of their large flowers.

The best planting season for lilies

The correct planting time is often discussed in lilies - but it is quite simple: Most lily species and varieties can be planted either in autumn (September to November) or spring (late March to May) - only in the Madonna lily is a planting Mandatory in August and at the Turks' Covenant Lily in autumn. Although all lilies are reliably hardy on well-drained soils, spring-time planting is becoming more and more popular - for the simple reason that nurseries hold the largest supply in the spring. Tip: If you divide the planting of your lily bulbs from March to May with ten days each on several dates, the shoots gradually come out of the ground and you can enjoy the beautiful flowers in the summer over a longer period of time.

Plant lilies

Lily bulbs

Plant lilies

Lily bulbs are easy to identify due to their special structure: they consist of numerous onion scales and have no outer skin (left). Depending on the size of the onion, the planting hole should be 15 to 20 centimeters deep (right). If you set lilies too flat, the stems will bend slightly. On heavy, damp soils, fill in a ten-centimeter-thick layer of drainage below because the onions are very sensitive to stagnation

Characteristic of the genus of lilies is the onion with overlapping scales, which are firm or loose depending on the species. Unlike, for example, tulips, daffodils or ornamental lilies, lily bulbs do not have a solid outer skin. Therefore, they should never store for a long time freely and unprotected. Contrary to the view that beauty and bitchiness usually go hand in hand, the lily is relatively easy to care for and extremely robust, if one observes their location requirements during planting.

Madonna Lily (Lilium martagon)

In Christianity of the Middle Ages, the lily became a symbol of purity due to its bright white color. As a concession to innocence, they often even went so far as to depict the flowers of the Madonna lily on historical paintings without the sex organs interpreted as sexually appealing and stamens

Lilies are also an attraction in pots

Anyone who is not one of the lucky ones who own a garden can still live out their love of lilies, because lilies are ideal for planting pots. However, then a good withdrawal of water is even more important, because lilies like it damp, but can not cope with waterlogging. The most beautiful lilies are in small groups. It is therefore recommended to plant at least three bulbs together. For the pot garden are best smaller varieties with a maximum of 70 centimeters in height such as 'Avignon' (orange red), 'Cordelia' (golden yellow), 'Le Rève' (pink) and 'Marco Polo' (white with pink flowered petals) - or the only 40 centimeters high 'Mona Lisa' with dark speckled, very fragrant flowers in soft pink with dark pink veins.

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