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A container plant is always on the rise: we are talking about the Schmucklilie. No wonder, because the magnificent perennial is robust and easy to care for.

Ornamental lilies have beautiful flowers

Flower lilies have beautiful, lush flowers that are a real eye-catcher in the garden. They usually bloom in the most beautiful blues and whites and are ideal for the balcony and the terrace. But they also look good in flower beds. If you then hibernate the plants properly, you will enjoy them for a long time.

Location and ground for the jewelry lilies

The Schmucklilie or Agapanthus called, thrives best in the blazing sun. The plant is native to South Africa and therefore likes it warm and sunny. The location should therefore be oriented and protected to the east or south. Here, the sun should shine for at least half the day.

As far as the soil or the substrate is concerned, you do not have to pay much attention to it here. If possible, the soil in the bed should be nutrient-rich and well water-permeable. If the soil is low in nutrients, simply enrich it with some mature compost before planting.

If you want to plant the lily in pots, you should mix normal potting soil with a little sand. However, planting the lily in a bucket is not very recommendable because the roots can develop enormous forces and thus break the bucket.

Watering and fertilizing lilies

The plant needs a lot of water. But it must never be waterlogged. If you forget about casting, you do not have to worry about the plant coming in. It also withstands drying times of several weeks. It works because the lily of the jewelry stores water in the roots.

Fertilize the jewelry lily best in spring and autumn with a thick layer of compost. In the summer you should not fertilize, because with too much fertilizer more leaves than flowers are formed. This of course reduces the beauty of the lilies.

Winter lilies

Although the lily is hardy, you should still bring it indoors. Especially if you keep your jewelry lily in the pot. There is not enough frost protection here. Although they could protect the Schmucklilie, but in the bucket winter it is easier inside. Place the tubs in a dark room and pour the lilies only a little.

Flower lilies that grow in beds can be left there in winter. You should cover them in the cold season but with some leaves or brushwood.

So you can multiply lilies

When the pot is completely rooted, you need to repot the lily. In the same breath you can then multiply the plant immediately. You should calm down, because otherwise you will eventually need a huge flowerpot for the plant. You will find out how to do this in our article Propagating Lilies with Offshoots.

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