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Lawn fertilizer lime

To ensure a beautiful green garden and a rich crop, fertilizer lime must be used from time to time. This usually takes place from the actual fertilizer measures and must not be used as the only fertilizer alternative. Because the Kalkd├╝nger prepares the soil only on the regular fertilization, which should take place a few weeks later. So if a soil is too acidic, it needs lime to become neutral again. However, if too much lime is used, humus is broken down. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to exact quantities during the calcium fertilization.

Why fertilize with lime

Lime neutralizes the pH in the soil, but only if it is targeted and used sparingly. But then many successes can be achieved. An acidification of the soil, which takes place as the years go by, is prevented if, every now and then, not every year, a supply of calcium fertilizer takes place. In addition, the lime binds in the soil existing clay and promotes not least an activity of microorganisms. If a nutrient-rich fertilizer is used after lime fertilization, the plants can also absorb the nutrients better. Because the connection of the lime with the Tonkr├╝meln the soil structure is improved overall, which also amounts to a better storage of air and water. Also, this can warm the earth faster in the spring and the soil does not so quickly.
Tip: If too much lime is fertilized, the soil loses humus. In the first moment, many nutrients are released, but in the long run, the soil is leached out and the storage capacity for other nutrients, air and water decreases. Therefore, always pay attention to the correct dosage when fertilizing.

Detecting acid soil


In the spring is the ideal time to lime the garden beds and the lawn. But several aspects should be considered here:
  • the floor must be dry
  • If lawn or perennial beds are limed, the sky should be covered
  • Solar radiation can burn the roots of the plants
  • do not lime at the same time with the addition of manure
  • This is because nitrogen, which is important for the plants, escapes into the air
  • the spring term was missed, can be fertilized with lime in the fall

Overview of various calcium fertilizers

Lime is a calcium compound that occurs naturally in many different types of rocks. Most commercially available lime fertilizers are based on the raw material calcium carbonate. The following lime fertilizers can be bought in the trade and are ideal for the Kalkd├╝ngung of garden beds and lawns:

rock flour

  • In addition to carbonate of lime also contains potassium and magnesium
  • can be mixed with compost
  • a pure calcium fertilizer is not required

garden lime

  • suitable for autumn and winter
  • ground limestone, often poorly soluble

Quicklime and slaked lime

  • Mostly used in agriculture on heavy soils
  • for your own garden use only on very loamy soil


  • ideal for sandy soils


  • is made from deposits of coral
  • is especially suitable for fertilization in spring and summer
Lime fertilizer should only be used when it is really needed and that is not the case every year. Therefore, it is important to have the soil analyzed for its pH value and to decide on the basis of the result whether or not lime should be fertilized. However, lime fertilizer never replaces the regular fertilizer with nutrients and should always be given a few weeks before. Even a healthy lawn is strengthened by the fertilization with lime. But not all plants like a neutral soil, which is made possible by the Kalkd├╝ngung. With these, the fertilizer with lime should basically be avoided.

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