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Flowers like butterflies and a beautiful color - that's what makes the lips suckle. Read here how the upholstery plant is planted and maintained.

LippenmÀulchen are robust & easy to clean

The Mouth of the Lip (Mazus reptans) is a upholstery that has its origins in the Himalayas. The special feature: the low-priced small shrub available in specialist shops (for example from BALDUR-Garten) is usually available with violet flowers (flowering period: May to June) that look like little butterflies. Beautiful, right? During the rest of the year, the upholstery seemed rather unimpressive.

Below, we explain to you in more detail how you can grow the lips and how it is properly maintained.

The perfect location for the lips

The approximately 5 to about 12 centimeters tall LippenmÀulchen are among the extremely robust plants of our latitudes, so you can plant them in a sunny or partially shaded location. Sometimes they even spread in the translucent shade, although the lips are not one of the shade plants. The absolutely easy-care LippenmÀulchen grows as a ground cover so almost everywhere.

For example, the perennials are particularly suitable for planting garden ponds or rockeries. Due to the low maintenance measures LippenmÀulchen are also suitable for grave planting and for planting balcony boxes.

The richly flowering LippenmÀulchen are also great as a natural bed enclosure. Simply plant the perennials individually in rows at a distance of about 20 centimeters. For a groomed appearing Beeteinfassung you have to subject the LippenmÀulchen every year in the fall then a shape cut. In the spring, you can make even smaller cuts to the plants before flowering.

Plant lipstick properly

Ideal is always a planting of up to 5 small shrubs at a distance of about 15 to 20 centimeters to each other. By this way of planting the perennials can cover a larger floor area as quickly as possible.

As a planting time, the spring and autumn are particularly good. You can also use the shrubs on not too hot summer days.

Properly care for the lips

❃ pouring:

The little mouth does not really need any explicit care. You should only water it well during longer periods of dry summer.

❃ Fertilize:

Fertilizers are not necessary in principle. However, in spring or autumn you can easily incorporate some compost around the plants. However, if you have the lips in an extremely nutrient-poor soil (reading tip: determine garden soil - this is how it is done), you should give a little full fertilizer in the spring.

❃ increase:

You can easily multiply the plants by dividing them: just divide a part with whole roots off the parent stock and put it back in a new location.

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