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Lily - Lilium

Botanically, the lilies belong to the monocots of the family Liliaceae. Many of the lily species of this genus are also winter hardy in our latitudes. The above-ground parts move in in the fall and in their onions then develop the facilities for the next year. Meanwhile, there is a huge assortment of different hybrids of various species of lilies to buy in the trade. A close look at the most beautiful variants with all their wealth of colors and growth forms is worthwhile in any case.


The approximately one hundred lily species have been crossed for decades to obtain particularly beautiful and robust hybrids. Some species that are crossed together produce hybrids. These are plants that have different characteristics from their parents and that are capable of reproduction. Other attempts to cross different species of lily do not yield seeds.
Harold Frederick Comber introduced a new classification of the Lilium in 1949. Assigned the species, including their hybrids in seven sections (later division: divisions):
  • American section
  • Asian section
  • Candidum section
  • Longiflorum section
  • Martagon section
  • Oriental section
  • Trumpet section
  • (Other and wild forms)
The most popular hybrids, which are native to Germany, come from the lily species:
  • Fire lily (Lilium bulbiferum)
  • Madonna Lily (Lilium candidum)
  • Tiger lily (Lilium lancifolium)
  • Turkish lily (Lilium martagon, Lilium cernuum)
  • Trumpet Lilies (Lilium aurealianum)
  • Japanese mountain lily (Lilium auratum)


Dahlia species orange

Iris and lily are both not part of the family Liliacae, although they bear the name "lily" in their name. They belong to the Iris family (Iridacecae) ​​and Amaryllis family (Amaryllidaceae). Both families come from the order of the asparagus-like (Asparagales) and not the lily-like (Liliales).


Lilium auratum
This mountain lily from Japan usually carries eight and more fragrant, large, beautiful flowers on a stem. With light cover hardy onion. She likes it cool and wet.
  • 'Cupido': It bears many, red flowers
  • 'Marseille': white flowers with a pale pink tinge
  • 'Miss Lucy': light pink, filled flowers without stamens
  • 'Sphinx': deep red flower without stamens
Lilium Aurelian
The trumpet lilies usually smell strong and prefer a location in the light shade.
  • 'Royal Gold': golden yellow flowers up to 1.50 m high
  • 'Pink Perfection': pink flowers with white median stripe, height up to 1.50 m
  • Longiorum 'Elegant Lady': blooms pink, smells strongly; suitable as a cut flower.
  • 'White American': white-flowered trumpet lily; is particularly suitable as a potted flower; flowers up to nine centimeters in size; pleasant smell; 60 cm height.
  • 'White Elegance': pure white flowering; Trumpet lily with large flowers;
Lilium bulbiferum
Most hybrids of the firefly are bright orange with brown spots. The umbels to more than one meter in height can carry up to twenty flowers. They love it more sunny with a slightly calcareous soil.
Lilium candidum
In its natural form, the Madonna Lily is pure white, grows up to a meter high and forms up to eight fragrant flowers. It is hardy and should be covered with brushwood in harsh climates.
Lilium cernuum

Dahlia species purple

The Turquoise-headed Lily flowers in shades of purple, pink and light violet. The flowers smell soft and are up to seven inches tall.
  • Martagon 'Album': pure white flowers; grows low; is suitable for rockeries
  • Lilium hansonii: Golden Turkis lily; makes golden yellow flowers with dark speckles; quickly forms large clumps
  • Lilium henryi: Giant Turquoise-headed Lily; very vigorous and robust; orange-yellow flowers; scentless; particularly undemanding and durable

To dye

Lilies of all kinds and shapes have a strong coloration. Here is a small list of lily species and
Hybrids according to their colors:
  • Lilium Aurelian 'White American'
white trumpet flowers; fragrant;
  • Lilium Aurelian 'White Elegance'
Trumpet Lily; Blossom big, pure white;
  • Lilium martagon 'album'
pure white; many, small, nodding flowers
  • Lilium shelves 'Siberia'
many, white flowers
  • Lilium shelves 'Starling Star'
creamy-white, speckled flowers
  • Lilium auratum 'Mister Ed'
pure white; very fragrant;
  • Lilium candidum, wild form pure white; very fragrant

Dahlia species yellow

  • Lilium hansonii, Golden Turkis lily; golden yellow flower
  • Lilium leichtlinii, flowers bright yellow, with speckles
  • Lilium monadelphum
  • Caucasus lily; yellow flowering
  • Lilium pyrenaicum
  • Flower yellow; black-spotted, Lilium speciosum 'Citronella'
  • Lemon yellow, Lilium auratum 'Royal Gold' flowers
  • golden yellow flowers, Littonia modesta
  • Climbing lily; yellow flowers
  • Orange, Brown, Lilium 'Apeldoorn'
  • orange flowers, Lilium Barcelona,
  • orange-red flowers; emitting yellow from the inside, Lilium tigrinum 'splendens'
  • flowers orange; speckled brown, Lilium bulbiferum 'Orange Triumph'
  • flowers orange to yellow; in umbels, Lilium bulbiferum (umbellatum)
  • Natural form; bright orange flowers, Lilium pardalinum
  • shiny, orange flowers; rust brown spotted; many flowers; panicles
  • Lilium auratum 'Imperial Crimson'
  • deep crimson flowers, Lilium auratum 'Nobility'
  • ruby flowers, Lilium auratum 'Cupido'
  • red flowers, Lilium auratum 'Sphinx'
  • flowers deep red; filled flowers, Lilium speciosum var. rubrum
  • crimson flamed flowers; speckled deep red, Lilium tenuifoliu
  • Coral lily; Flower coral red; Lilium tigrin
  • Tiger Lily; orange-red flower; spotted black; nodding;
Pink, purple
  • Lilium Aurelian 'Pink Perfection', pink with white median stripe, Lilium auratum 'Trance'
  • pale pink flowers; very fragrant; large flowers, Lilium auratum 'Journeys End'
  • pink flowering; wide white margin, Lilium longiflorum 'Elegant Lady'
  • pink flowering; very fragrant, Lilium cernuum
  • Natural form; Flowers lilac-pink to light purple; delicately scented, Lilium auratum 'Marseille'
  • white flowering with a pinkish tint, Lilium auratum 'Miss Lucy'
  • Flowers light pink; filled flowers

Stuffed lilies

Stuffed lilies, such as the Lilium auratum 'Miss Lucy', the 'Fata Morgana' and 'Red Twin', are not only impressive because of their special appearance. They are also interesting for pollen allergy sufferers. The otherwise very strong stamens are transformed into petals to petals, they are thus pollenless. Also for the vase they are therefore well suited.

Quick Facts

Onion, root
Although all lily species have a bulb, an onion, they are not part of the order of the bulbous plants. The latter belong to the order of Asparagales, the family of Amaryllis. Lilies belong to the order of the Liliales.

Dahlia species red

All species of the genus Lilium have this so-called bulb with overlapping scales. Some of the roots have the amazing ability to pull the bulb deeper into the soil, depending on water and nutrient requirements.
Roughly they can be divided into three different flower forms:
  • trumpet-shaped (trumpet lily, royal lily)
  • cup-shaped (madonna lily, fire lily)
  • rolled up (Turquoise waisted lily, tiger lily)
The flowers are usually made up of six large petals. The colors and patterns are usually very noticeable. There are strong to not fragrant lily species.
Tip: For the vase, the lilies are cut off shortly before flowering about with a two-thirds stem length. At the end of autumn, cut off the dried stalks near the ground.


Lilies multiply both by their seeds (cross-pollination) or vegetatively by:
  • Brutzwiebeln
  • rhizome
  • offshoot


The lilies are at home throughout the northern hemisphere. Most species of lilies come from the Asian region, where new species are still found now and then. Lilies like it partially shady, humid, with good drainage, and rather cool. Many varieties are hardy.
The genus Lilium has a large selection in the most beautiful colors for the garden ready. Lilies can easily stand in the same location for several years. The bulbs of the more sensitive varieties are covered with twigs in winter. If flowering decreases with age, the bulbs are simply moved to a different location. Also as cut flowers and in a bucket they look good. Fortunately, most lilies, though looking so classy and eye-catching, are surprisingly sturdy and easy to care for.

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