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The feeling of spaciousness can also be created in small gardens. Very well, this succeeds with so-called visual axes, which lead, for example, from the terrace to a striking viewpoint at the other end of the garden, such as a decorative stone figure or fountain. If the path there is narrow and accompanied by half-high hedges or lush flower borders, the tunnel view is reinforced into the supposed depth.

The choice of flower colors also influences the perception of the garden size. Strong reds and yellows make the plot seem even smaller, whereas beds of clear white and blue enhance the depth effect.

Shared small garden

A mini-garden as if made from one piece: No lawn was used, instead a crossroads divides the area into four equal-sized, beech-bordered beds

Another way to obscure the true size of a garden is to plant separate garden areas. Suitable room dividers are high cutting hedges and especially space-saving vine walls with lush climbing plants such as Clematis or Wildem Wein.Wecken the urge to discover by arranging the passages between the rooms offset so that you can see from any point from all garden boundaries.

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