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Living & furnishing

The last phase in the construction of houses consists of the category of living and furnishing. This is about equipping all the rooms with matching furniture and designing them in such a way that you like being in them. Since every room in the house has its own function, the criteria for selecting the furniture are always very different.
  • Study Room - A modern study today usually has a computer, but an additional room for ironing, sewing, and other household chores is also appropriate for families who do not do any work from home.
  • Bathroom - For many people, the bathroom is no longer just a place to be washed. In the meantime a lot of value has been placed on its equipment, so that real wellness oases can be found in some houses.
  • Nursery - The Nursery is usually the room where most colors are used and which is most often changed to suit the child's age.
  • Kitchen - Above all, the kitchen should be practically furnished, so that all necessary cooking utensils are immediately at hand. A seat makes the kitchen often the central space of the house in which one meets.
  • Bedroom - bedroom on the other hand should only be used as such
    to find the necessary rest at night and to start the day rested. However, the institution should not suffer from this.
  • Living room - The living room serves the relaxation and the reception of guests. There, the sofa in front of the TV usually forms the center of the room.
  • Setting up Tips & Tricks - In the Tips & Tricks you will find many suggestions on how to set up the individual rooms. You can do many things yourself, but you can leave some things to a specialist.
  • Lighting - The lighting in the house is primarily for safety. But it can also be used to stage certain objects or indirectly to provide the necessary brightness.
  • Furniture - furniture should perform its useful function, but also look good and provide enough storage space, so that everything that is needed in a household gets its firm place.
  • Interior design - In the design of each room, each person can express their own creativity. This creates spaces that can not be found anywhere else.
Be inspired by the Housing & Home Decor Guides to personalize your home and tailor the proposals to your own personal preferences.

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