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On cold winter days you can pass the time pleasantly in the house. At the end of November, the first tinkering for Christmas and Advent begins. Homemade gifts are very popular because they have a personal touch. Whether it is self-made socks, scarves, sweaters, or a picture album with photos from the garden, or from the family, or the self-brewed herbal liqueur (from herbs from their own garden) in self-designed vial is not playing Role. There are no limits for your creativity. Joint games evenings bring color into the gray winter days. But for all the cosiness you should not forget our feathered companions out there. These need feed when the snow cover is closed.
So that the cold season does not hit garden friends on the stomach, you will find in this category tips for living and tips on how to make the winter more comfortable. In addition to reading a beautiful book, the design of homemade oil herbal bottles or herbal vinegar bottles is also very popular.

Our domestic birds are threatened by cold and hunger in winter. Feeding is desired in case of frost and snowfall. However, many birds like to retire to a nest box at night. It should be cleaned after the breeding season and possibly padded with suitable material before the onset of winter to make our little singers comfortable and warm. Wooden boxes are ideal because they compensate for temperature fluctuations and are breathable.

If you can not stand it in Germany despite good advice in winter, you can spend some time in the sunny south. This is especially popular with pensioners. If you rent a lodging for a long time, you can often negotiate the price better. Cold is very uncomfortable especially for the elderly and so they spend the winter loving in the warmth. Find out here what to pay attention to here.

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Snow witch made of aluminum or plastic

Among all the devices for snow-sliding, the Snow-Witch really is a pretty brilliant idea. It resembles a snow tub, pushing snow in front of him is definitely easier than to carry him back lot by lot with a snow shovel. Learn more about the amazing device.

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Snow trough - alternative to snow shovel

Like a snow shovel, a snow trough is nothing more than a tool that makes it easier to clear away the snow with your hand. And yet, there is one big difference that makes the job much easier: with the snow shovel you can push the snow away only to a very small extent, when the shovel is filled, it has to be raised to pile up the snow on the side.

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