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If the lawn extends from the house to the bed on the rear property boundary, the already narrow terraced garden usually looks even narrower. However, if you do not want to do without a large lawn, at least the edges should not be straight. Design them in such a way that they are partially booked out and protrude into the lawn. This way you create small visual barriers that make the property look wider. In addition, you can divide the area, for example, with a rose rose arch or a pergola. Also, different floor coverings in the front and rear property area - for example pavement and lawn - make the garden visually shorter and wider.

Bigger plants to the rear

With a thoughtful planting you can also influence the perspective effect of your narrow plot. Larger trees and shrubs should always be at the rear end of the property in long, narrow gardens. If you place smaller trees further down, you mislead the eye of the beholder: it perceives the distance differently and the distance to the end of the garden seems to be shorter. The same effect is produced by large-leaved plants in the background. With them, the size of the leaves in comparison to smaller-leaved species in the foreground over the actual distance away. A hedge, which becomes higher towards the rear, also gives the impression of a smaller spatial depth.

This is how narrow gardens look wider

Design for a narrow garden

In this garden design you will find basic design tricks that make a narrow garden look wider. The lawn is not wider at the front than a path and widens to the rear. In addition, the notched beds look like visual barriers and can only guess the lateral boundaries of the rear lawn. The hedge is higher than the fence, also all trees and shrubs are larger in the back garden than in front. So the eye is deceived and the end of the garden optically closer

Finally, the desired effect can be achieved with suitable flower colors: warm shades such as yellow and red at the back of the garden shorten the perspective. For the beds in the back part of the garden, therefore, choose mainly flowering plants with bright flower colors, for example red Indian armchairs (Monarda), gold sheaf (Achillea) and yellow sun hat (Rudbeckia).

Round shapes break the perspective

Round shapes create a visual counterpoise to the elongated layout of the garden. If the beds are laid out in wide arches, they also give the lawn an irregular, curved shape. Globally cut woody plants such as privet and spindle shrub strengthen the effect. A grand finale, for example, may be a slightly raised, round, wood-paved seat framed by a semi-circular, cut yew hedge (Taxus baccata). With the slightly raised seat not only a cozy place of residence has arisen - because viewed from the house and the terrace, the higher level also ensures a visual shortening of the elongated property.

Garden path zig-zag

If a garden path runs zigzag through the garden, it looks visually wider

A clever route, complemented by a refined planting, gives the impression of more space. If, for example, a garden path is laid out in a zigzag pattern, the property suddenly seems to be wider than a straight-ahead path. Even curved paths, whose course is covered by plants over and over again, make the garden appear wider.

Mirror privacy fence

Fitted with mirrors, the privacy screen conveys the illusion that the garden behind it continues

Even with mirrors, amazing effects can be achieved. The mirror should never be free in the bed, otherwise it looks like a foreign body. Surround it with climbing plants and higher perennials or integrate it into a hedge. Even on the edge of a water surface he creates a charming picture. But beware: mirrors can be a trap for birds, as they do not recognize them and fly against them. However, a wind chime hung in front of them keeps them from getting too close to the mirrors. Also water surfaces enlarge the garden by the reflection in the surface. Even on small plots, there is often room for a basin, for example, in the middle of a lowered or lowered garden.

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