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Manor Insect Hotel

A real eye-catcher: "country estate superior" with 10 rooms, balcony and terrace

A new manufacturer of insect hotels has specialized in providing nests and wintering aids for beneficial insects in addition to their biological functionality in addition to an attractive appearance. The luxury insect hotels are recently available as several elaborately designed models, each of which is also available as a kit version with practical plug-in system.
Useful insects such as e.g. Wild bees, butterflies, ladybirds or lacewings "rent" their suitable "suite" according to their needs. On the one hand, these beneficial organisms contribute to the pollination of useful and ornamental plants. In the medium term, this will increase harvest yields in your own garden and will ensure a lush bloom in the coming season. In addition, lacewings, hoverflies and ladybirds like to fight annoying aphids, scale insects and spider mites.
The luxury insect hotel "Landsitz Superior" costs about 50 euros and is available at along with other models - also for self-assembly.

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