To fight maggots in the bio bin and garbage bin

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To fight maggots in the bio bin and garbage bin: bags

This could easily be avoided from the outset, but in larger tenements, not everyone sticks to the rules. Therefore, a maggot infestation is often unavoidable and that does not only look disgusting.

Simply avoid maggot infestation

Especially in summer, it is common in the normal garbage bin to maggot infestation. This can be easily prevented by the food, especially raw meat, is well closed. Best not to put the bin in the sun and throw away food leftovers in a sealed plastic bag. Maggots also like the darkness and so the bin can simply be left open. However, this only applies to the normal dustbin. In the bio bin, this behaves differently again, because here is no plastic can be disposed of, since the rotting not. Unless they are bags made from cornmeal, but such plastic bags are of course more expensive and many do not want to spend that money.

Essential oils can help

In the bio bin can be done without plastic bags, something that maggots feel uncomfortable here. Rinsing agents and hot water are enough to clean them. However, this must of course have been emptied. After cleaning, a thick layer of newspaper can be laid on the floor. Especially in summer, these tons smell very unpleasant. This is because the discarded foods all start to ferment. As a result, liquid accumulates in the bin and causes the malodour. This can be partially prevented by newsprint, and on the floor nothing can be fixed. Cat litter made of pressed wood can also be helpful, because it sucks out a lot of liquid. Above all, this smells pleasant even after the wood that has been processed. But also essential oils keep the pests from the bin. These are available in the pharmacy and are used as a remedy for colds.

Vinegar and lime help too

Of course, even the bio bin may have been cleaned so thoroughly, the flies love this place. Especially when the bin is still in the sun and it smells seductively for these animals. However, adding a little vinegar or lime to the waste can ruin your mood. Even the opened lid helps that they do not lay eggs there. But alcohol or a lye of detergent keeps the annoying maggots away from the barrel. Although these tons are emptied regularly, but when it is warm, then ferment the food then. Sawdust can also be helpful here, as this also prevents fermentation. So also meat remainders can be wrapped in newspaper. Because against the infestation just helps to make the environment for the maggots as disgusting as possible. So the flies stay away and do not lay any eggs with it.

Small tools with much success

Fly maggots

It is always important that the garbage or biological waste bin is cleaned regularly. Above all, all the remnants must be removed. If these are once more tight, then a brush can be added. A strong jet through the water hose can also be used here. After cleaning, the bin must be completely dry, but this can be left with the lid open, or simply turned upside down. Then lay it out thickly with newspaper, which at the same time ensures that nothing settles on the floor. Afterwards, repeatedly throw sawdust or cat litter out of pressed wood between the individual layers. A few drops of vinegar or essential oils on the inside of the lid keep flies away. This also applies to the normal garbage can, because even here, the maggots feel really good. But only if there are open foods in it. Cleaning and home remedies that help:
  • Rinse cleaners and warm water for the barrel
  • Ton must always be really dry
  • Newsprint, cat litter of wood or sawdust spread on the floor
  • In regular situations repeatedly insert or spread this material for absorption
  • Do not put the bin in the sun
  • open lid helps keep flies away
  • essential oils, vinegar or alcohol prevent the maggot infestation
  • In the case of infestation, lime can also be scattered into the barrel
These small measures achieve the greatest success and, above all, almost all funds are available in one household. So the bucket does not smell ten meters against the wind and the flies can only absorb the weather. Because the more uncomfortable the place is, the less they lay their eggs. Although it is not always nice to clean such tons, but without it does not work. Unless all the food is packed in biodegradable plastic bags. This is possible in a smaller house, but in large apartment blocks that is no longer feasible. Here must then one of the tools ago, so that the barrel is not attacked by maggots.

Even a shady spot helps

Just as important is that the bin is not in the blazing sun, but then the maggots feel really good. These animals like exactly the opposite of us humans, because the smarter it smells the more comfortable they feel. Therefore, simply leave the lid open, if possible, contrary to what has been said so far. If this is not possible, then always keep the bin tightly closed. Eventually close airtight with a rubber seal. Because the smallest opening is enough for the flies to lay their eggs undisturbed inside.

Worth knowing about maggots in garbage cans

  • In case of maggot infestation in the garbage container, it is important that the container is placed as shady as possible, if possible.
  • Collect residual waste in plastic trash bags and knot them tightly into the trash can outside.
  • There are also compostable plastic bags for the organic waste bin, which are better than organic waste bags made of paper.
  • Coffee filter, tea bags, everything that is wet, better first wrap in newspaper, then throw in the bin.
  • Even with organic waste, the bags should be firmly knotted.


Safe, grass clippings, and garden waste can not be packed in small bags. Anyone who disposes of garden waste on the biowaste bin should get large organic waste sacks and put them into the biowaste bin. Of course, you can not provide 100%, nature eventually goes their way. These include the flies and the maggots. So if garbage can and bio bin are infected by maggots, after emptying immediately with hot water (additive: dish soap, or much vinegar) thoroughly wash and leave to dry.
In the summer, it is enough to simply set the barrels upside down. The residual water can drain and the bin is dry quickly. Also in the house you have to make sure that trash and bio-waste bins are always kept clean and dry. Just organic waste, such as leftovers, kitchen waste, should not remain in the kitchen for very long. Empty bio-waste as often as possible. This prevents maggot infestation.

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