Magnificent summer garden at the Hermannshof in Weinheim

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As promised, I would like to report once more to the Schau- und Sichtungsgarten Hermannshof in Weinheim, which I recently visited. In addition to the imposing and colorful late summer perennial beds, the magnificent summer foliage also inspired me. The character of this year's land is tropical, because it has large-leaved plants with ornamental foliage in contrast to various species with round and loosely inflorescences set. Many warm shades of red make a thrilling picture with green as well as silver gray and white. The exotic-looking mixture shines well into autumn. Who knows, maybe it will encourage many visitors to replant their own garden.

Curious, I especially looked at the white umbels with the fine foliage. This is the bishop's herb (Amni visnaga). She was very familiar to me, because this beautiful companion plant is also an ideal cut flower. The old farmer's garden variety is about 80 centimeters high and can be combined with many annuals and perennials. In time in the spring you can sow the bishop's herb in the house and plant it out in May. Ideal are a sunny location and loose, deep soil.

Bishop's herb (Amni visnaga)

Amaranth (Amaranthus cruentus 'Velvet Curtains')

White flowering bishop's herb (left) and red amaranth (right) contribute to the exciting diversity. Both species can be propagated by sowing and cut in the summer for the vase

The purple inflorescences of Amaranth (Amaranthus cruentus 'Velvet Curtains') are impressive everywhere. The sunbather is an asset to summer flowerbeds. With its 150 cm high stems, it is an ideal partner for perennial plantings. It grows best in a wind-protected and nutrient-rich location in full sun. It can be grown from February to April in the greenhouse or on the window sill made of seeds.

The blossoms of the zinnia 'Oklahoma Scarlet' shine from afar. The bright red variety is 70 centimeters high and is a grateful structure plant. Because of its long flowering time in sunny places, it is also an ideal cut flower for late summer bouquets. In addition, it is considered disease-resistant.

Orchid-flowered dahlia 'Honka Red'

The orchid-flowered dahlia 'Honka Red' is also an asset to the summer garden. Plant the tubers in May and bring them out of the ground in time for the frost

An insect magnet is undoubtedly the enchanting Dahlia 'Honka Red'. It belongs to the group of orchid-flowered dahlias. Striking are their narrow red petals, the pointed ends curl up along. 'Honka Red' is about 90 centimeters high. She is an ornament in the garden and in the vase.

Lily-Funkie (Hosta plantaginea 'Grandiflora')

The lily-Funkie Hosta plantaginea 'Grandiflora' does not display its magnificent white flowers until mid-summer

During the tour in the predominantly shady area of ​​the Hermannshof, there was an aromatic scent in the air - and the reason for this was quickly found. Among shrubs, large tuffs of the Lily-Funkie (Hosta plantaginea 'Grandiflora') bloomed in some places. In this leaf ornamental shrub, the pure white, almost lily-like flowers sit above the oval fresh-green leaves. In a nutrient-rich, fresh soil, the 40 to 80 centimeters high species can best develop. I am certainly thrilled with this perennial and in my opinion, this summer flowering species could quietly be planted more often in the home garden.

Video Board: The Park, Herrenhausen Garden, Hannover.

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