Glorious Iris: Perennial of the Year 2016

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Among the perennials, there is probably no, which reaches with its color variety of the flowers of the iris. From small feindrigen variants of the dwarf iris to the brilliant of the higher-growing bearded iris, the spectrum is huge. Reason enough for the Bund Deutscher Staudengärtner to name the iris named after the Greek deity of the rainbow the "Perennial of the Year 2016".

spring flowers

In spring, the five to 15 centimeters large dwarf iris open the round. Delicate and delicate, the flowers of the bulbous flowers appear in bright blue and purple tones. These include the varieties of the leaf iris (Iris reticulata) and the small dwarf iris (Iris histrioides).

Flower meadow with dwarf iris

Between winterlings and crocuses blue dwarf irises decorate the spring bed.

From April the dwarf bearded iris (Iris Barbata-Nana) opens its buds. As soloists in clay pots, they decorate the spring terrace, planting partners such as dwarf blue fescue and tulips skillfully stage them in the flower bed.

Variety of shapes and colors

In late spring and early summer, the tall-bearded iris (Iris Barbata-Elatior) delight with their enchanting varieties. The enormous variety and the fascinating flowers make the heart of every hobby gardener beat faster.

Iris spuria

Iris spuria

These shrubs, usually over one meter high, bloom from May to June. Wonderful they work together with lavender, ornamental or giant feather grass. Wild species such as steppe iris (Iris Spuria hybrid) and bleak iris (Iris pallida) inspire especially lovers.

Resurgent in autumn

The breeding successes include bearded iris, which flower a second time in the fall: The so-called "Rebloomer" go through two flowering cycles a year. A reliable variety is, for example, Iris Barbata-Elatior 'English Cottage' with white flowers, interspersed with delicate purple veins.

Iris Barbata Elatior 'High Silver'

Iris barbata elatior 'High Silver' is remounting, d. H. it will bloom again in the autumn.

In perennial borders, most iris varieties feel comfortable. Important is a well-ventilated, not too acidic soil. If the flowering stops after a few years, the perennial should be dug up, the rhizomes carefully split and the plant moved to a new location. So you enjoy the colorful iris all the more.

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