Hibernate Magnolia - How to do it right

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Magnolias are beautiful and attract all attention in spring. But only if you have wintered them properly. Otherwise, they will probably not bloom.

Magnolias need protection in winter

When magnolias bloom, you somehow automatically start dreaming. No wonder, because the beautiful flowers look truly gorgeous - even if they have not even opened properly. Whether as a hedge, bush or tree - the elegant beauty really captivates every observer.

To keep it that way, you have to make some effort and bring your magnolia well over the winter. For older magnolia trees this is usually not a problem, as they defy short-term even two-digit minus temperatures in the cold season. For younger magnolias, however, it looks different. These must be protected from the cold. So you have to make some arrangements so that the tree can withstand the cold season well.

So overwinter magnolias properly

Hibernate magnolias in the field:

Magnolia trees that grow in the garden must protect you well from the winter or the cold. For this purpose, it is advisable to pile up the trunk with bark mulch, peat or leaves before the start of the cold season or before the first frost. As a result, the magnolia is protected against the prevailing cold. Especially for younger magnolias this warming layer is important for a healthy growth.


Make sure that the tree does not dry out and always has enough water.

Overwinter magnolias in a bucket:

If you're holding a magnolia in a pot, it's important that you bring it in before the frost. However, you must not overwinter the Magnolia then warm. She needs it cold. A bright, frost-free, dry and cool room such as an unheated garage or the basement are therefore ideal wintering locations. In addition, you must make sure that it does not dry out even with a magnolia in the tub / pot. Keep the magnolia always wet.

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