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Gentian tree - potato flower

With the first soft rays of the spring sun, most people are awakening the need to make their surroundings natural and idyllic. Unfortunately, not every household has its own garden.

Create your own personal retreat

Especially the inhabitants in big cities usually only have the opportunity to loosen up their balcony with colorfully mixed plants.
In the midst of gray, dreary concrete buildings, these colorful flower islands appear particularly attractive and invite you to take a walk in the untouched nature.

Fresh with the green thumb to work

To have much joy in your balcony plants in the late autumn, proper care is very important. Select the types of flowers according to their future location. The most ideal are balconies and terraces on the south side. There, the sun shines the longest over the day and thus provides the basic prerequisite for excellent growth. If you only have the opportunity to use your flowers in shady locations, so you do not have to hang your head and be content with green plants. There are some genera that thrive excellently even in less sunny places.
  • fuchsias
  • Begonias
  • chrysanthemums
  • Edel Lies
  • primroses
  • bellflowers
  • or the bleeding heart.
They provide a glowing change even in the darkest of environments.
To provide optimum growth conditions, the flower boxes must contain the appropriate substrate. In most cases potting soil is sufficient. It is advisable to mix organic substances or fertilizers directly during planting. These can be, for example, horn shavings or compost. This ensures the long-lasting all-round supply with all necessary nutrients.

water is life

Especially during prolonged heat, pour regularly. Best in the early morning or late afternoon, when the sun is no longer burning in the sky. Do not wait until late in the evening as otherwise there is a risk that the balcony plants will accumulate too much moisture overnight and this may lead to the spread of downy mildew.
Perform the so-called finger test in advance. Push one finger as deep as possible into the ground to check the moisture content of the lower earth layers. Depending on the result, much or little should be poured accordingly. Remove the shower head from the pot and then pour very carefully, with a fine stream of water, so that the earth is not washed away.
Excess water always has to run well to prevent waterlogging. Otherwise, in the worst case, it can cause the roots to rot and the plant enters.

Nice appearance from start to finish

Regular plastering is decisive for a perfectly effective appearance. The low effort guarantees you a magnificent variety of flowers, sometimes until the first frost. Remove dead leaves and withered flower scraps. Not only does it look ugly, it also unnecessarily deprives your flowers of nutrients. In addition, the accumulation of harmful bacteria in the glued flowers is avoided. Thus, you minimize the risk of diseases, for example, by mildew.
Mildew is an umbrella term for fungal infections. Experts distinguish between real and downy mildew.
The powdery mildew is unfortunately a pest that occurs very frequently and occurs widely. By depositing a white coating, it is easy to recognize even for laymen. The shoots and partly the flowers are not spared. He prefers a warm, dry climate and is relatively easy to remove with warm water and a soft cloth. In particular, dahlias or begonias may be affected.
Unlike the real one, the downy mildew needs a lot of moisture to thrive. Its spread is favored by high humidity and poorly circulating air. Please remove all diseased plant parts immediately, otherwise the balcony plants will die if they are too much affected. To prevent it from arising in the first place, never pour your flowers from above.
If you follow all the tips and take some time for the care, you will get a comfortable place for relaxing hours.


Ladybug flower - Hectonichus

Of course, a fertilization of balcony flowers is necessary. Again, it depends on which plant you have. With the geranium, for example, you can stick fertilizer sticks in the soil and then you do not have to think about the fertilizer, other plants should usually be poured once a week with a general plant fertilizer for balcony and flowering plants, so that they receive the necessary nutrients. For all balcony flowers is important that they are poured in midsummer, during periods of drought, every day. The best in the early morning or after sunset, when it is a bit cooler.Watering in the midday heat generally excludes all balcony plants.
Some balcony flowers, which one sets up on a balcony in bucket, need no care. These include, for example, the many types of palm trees that can be found on many balconies, and kitchen herbs, which are often grown on sunny balconies, are very easy to care for. Here only the correct casting quantity is to be considered. For example, anyone who wants to grow wild garlic should treat it only to frost and then leave it shady, as wild garlic usually grows under shady trees in the forest.


Pest control is a completely different topic. Mildew should be rinsed off, the soil then changed. One can use aphids either with chemical clubs to tackle, or one uses simple home remedies such as soapsuds or tobacco, which must draw 3 days. The disadvantage of the chemical means is that the plants suffer from it and the aphids usually can not get rid of it.
Of course, some balcony flowers not only need to be poured, but also sprinkled. This includes above all the bamboo, which grows in pots on the balcony. Here, the leaves absorb moisture, so it is important to spray it regularly, in the midsummer, several times a day, so that the leaves do not turn brown. The bamboo should be fertilized once a week, here you can use commercially available flower fertilizer. To ward off rot and pests, you should remove old leaves at all balcony plants regularly, especially to prevent any diseases such as fungi, can form on the plants.

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