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Plant boxes are basically nothing more than flowerbeds in miniature. The difference to flowerbeds is mainly that you can transport a planter, at your own request, anywhere and put up, or can hang.
You can already plant your planter in the autumn with various flower bulbs, for example, daffodils, tulips or daffodils, so that you already have something blooming in the garden in the spring.
But when summer is just around the corner, the early flowering plants are removed from the ground and make room for the summer flowers. The selection of the right plants is largely a matter of personal taste. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to the location of the boxes before planting them. So you should consider when choosing the plants, whether they tolerate the blazing sun or if they prefer a bit more shady. Of course it also plays a role whether the planter finds its place on the floor or whether it is placed on a wall, on the balcony railing or on a window sill. If you want to put the planter on the ground, so you should prefer not to select hanging plant varieties. Another tip should also be observed when planting the boxes, and you should never plant the flowers too close to each other. After all, you want the flowers to have enough room to grow and not take each other's light.
For the summery design of a planter it does not always have to be just the traditional. For example, you can sow grasses in your planter. After all, what is more reminiscent of the summer than grasses that gently sway in the wind? The feathered grass is very suitable for this. Such a planter full of grasses makes itself best of course, when the planter is on the ground.
Since one or the other a planter only with grasses is probably too boring and colorless, one can easily put a few colorful flowers between the grasses. This will give you the perfect summer meadow, in miniature, in the garden or on the terrace.
It is actually not that difficult to make a planter summery, as long as you pay attention to the fact that you really good, nutrient-rich soil used and the location (sun, partial shade, shade) has selected appropriate varieties of flowers.
Of course you can make your planter even more beautiful with a few decorative items and adapt it to the style of the garden. If you have designed your garden so for example in the Mediterranean style, you can, for example. put a few small terracotta figurines in his planter and thus make the Mediterranean look perfect.

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