Plant Mammoth Leaf - Important Notes on Planting Time, Location & Soil

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Are you looking for a stately greening for your garden pond? Then the mammoth leaf is just the thing. It is quite easy to maintain, but you should still avoid some mistakes.

Plant mammoth leaf - tips for cultivation and care

The mighty mammoth leaf with its huge leaves is an absolute eye-catcher in the garden. Especially the oasis of peace at the garden pond put you in the spotlight. The plant is easy to grow, so you will soon enjoy the perennial shrub plant.

Even if the plant is very easy to maintain, you should still avoid some mistakes. These include too high planting density, too shallow planting depth and lack of irrigation. If you stick to our tips, but a successful cultivation is guaranteed nothing.

Plant mammoth leaf - that's what matters

Optimal time:

The mammoth leaf can be planted from April. If you want to be sure that no night frosts are to be expected, postpone the project until after the Ice Saints in mid-May.

Later plantings in summer or autumn are rather discouraged. The mammoth leaf is not completely hardy anyway. An insufficiently developed root system increases the risk that you lose the plant in the cold season.


Cool and half-shady: That's what mammoth leaves are all about. Locations on the north or east side of the house as well as in the semi-shade of large coniferous trees provide suitable conditions. Also for the greening of pond edges, the mammoth leaf is very good. In the pond water, however, the perennials may not stand.

Avoid tightness and distress in any case. The mammoth leaf with its powerful leaves and the no less impressive giant flowers needs a lot of space. The perennials do not like the tough competition for light, water and nutrients.


The soil at the site should be permanently moist and very nutritious. Regular mulching and fertilizing helps to calm the appetite of the mammoth leaf. Do not underestimate the amount of water that evaporates over the enormous leaves in summer. Regular watering is an absolute must on dry days.

Planting instructions:

If you plant a mammoth leaf, it is probably a newly purchased specimen from the gardening trade or an offshoot that you have gained by division. You can place a purchased mammoth leaf directly in the garden. Keep a distance to neighboring plants of at least one meter and plant the mammoth leaf 50 to 60 centimeters deep. Water the plant vigorously. However, there should be no pools of water that remain standing for a long time.

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