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Field maple - Acer campestre

For example, the maple does not tolerate any pruning at all. Whether small or larger species, when the maple is cut back, it can respond to it with the dying of branches. In addition, the susceptibility to mildew and other diseases increases, it is as if the tree loses its resilience with each lost branch. This is the most important reason for considering where in the garden the maple should be planted. He needs a location where he can stand and grow as he pleases. Even the low and short species show such behavior.
Anyone who has taken over a garden with maple, can pay little attention to it, the tree is now there and if an important reason a cut must be made, that's no different. Now at least the following points should be considered, so that the maple can survive this procedure as well as possible:
  • Cut in late summer when the dormancy begins.
  • Coat interfaces with tree wax to prevent disease.
Basically, however, cutting the maple should be avoided. Should be maple fungus disease, it must be cut in any case. The affected parts must be cut 15 cm more into the healthy wood. The Verticillium fungus is particularly common on maple trees that have too wet a location. Wetness favors the formation of the fungus, which adds to the pathways of the tree and ensures that it can no longer be supplied with nutrients. By a location on a small hill, the emergence of such a fungus can be prevented.

Worth knowing soon

The maple is represented in nature with about 150 species. The best known of these are mountain, Spitz and field maple:
  • Most impressive is the sycamore maple. Its appearance is very impressive, it is about 30 meters high and can reach an age of 400-500 years.
  • The field maple is more a shrub than a tree, but it can also grow a good 10-12 meters when the soil and location are right.
  • The maple is the tree that can often be found again as a tree in cities and parks. It is about 30 meters high and can reach the age of about 200 years.
In addition to these maple species, there are of course also the breeds, which found their way into the local gardens because of their growth or because of their beautiful autumn leaf coloration. These trees have more ornament than they would simply be considered as a tree. Some species can also be cultivated very well in pots as they grow very slowly. One of these species is the Japanese Maple.

Vine leaf maple - Acer circinatum

But the maple is at times even much more than just a tree. Everyone knows the sugar-sweet maple syrup with which you can refine meat. This syrup is made from maple resin. For about 1 liter of maple syrup you need about 40 liters of maple resin. The extraction is not always feasible, the best time is April, as here the frost and heat guarantee the ideal variety, which is necessary for the production of sugar.
The national coat of arms of Canada, the maple leaf is also not created on a whim. In fact, Canada has very large areas of maple trees. The Canadian coat of arms is probably the best known and most striking national emblem of the world. The maple tree was voted tree of the year in 2005 by our neighbor Austria.

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