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The most successful garden book author in Germany is dead. With her book "Der Biogarten" - just published in 24th edition - she sat down during her lifetime a monument.

Marie-Luise Kreuter died: died

Marie-Luise Kreuter (†)

Marie-Luise Kreuter, who has been a successful author and Europe-wide renowned organic gardener for 30 years, died on 17 May at the age of 71 after a short, severe illness.
Marie-Luise Kreuter was born in Cologne in 1937 and engaged in natural gardening from a young age. After a journalistic education she worked as a freelance editor for magazines and broadcasters. Soon her personal passion for organic gardening - she has redesigned, developed and maintained several gardens in the course of her life - became her main focus.
In 1979 BLV Buchverlag published her first guidebook "Herbs and Spices from the Garden", which is still in the program today. Her breakthrough as a writer, she scored with her work "Der Biogarten", which was first published in 1981 at BLV and only in March 2009, completely revised by her 24th edition appeared.
"The organic garden" is now considered a bible for natural gardening. The standard work has been sold over 1.5 million copies in 28 years and has been translated into a variety of languages ​​throughout Europe. In addition to these two major works she published many more garden books.
Marie-Luise Kreuter received a special award in 2007, when a newly bred Ramblerrose of the Rosenschule Ruf in Bad Nauheim was christened her name.

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