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The beach chair is the central element of our design idea. The newly created bed binds the beach chair in the garden and takes away its moisture. For this reason, the largest plant, the Chinese Mint 'Gnome', is placed next to it. Its pink flowers are even higher than the foliage and form the end of the season in autumn. Sitting in the beach chair, you can hear the rustle of its stalks and dream of the sea.

Blue-white flowers

Due to the theme "Maritime" and the stripes of the beach chair, the color scheme of the bed is obvious. Particularly impressive is the bearded Iris 'Stepping Out', whose blue and white drawn flowers are seen in May and June. A true perennial is the catnip 'Superba', she opens her buds in April and shows up to July in top form. If you cut them back to hand width, it expels again and blooms again in September. The Magellan blue grass also fits into the color concept and loosens the plantation with fine stalks.

Design idea with beach chair

The beach chair is a white-blue eye-catcher in the garden and invites you to relax

The three posts with their white paint recall the traditional wooden bollards of a fishing port. Since they have no weight to bear, it is enough to bury them in a quarter of the earth. A tied rope makes everything look even more real. Placed in the middle of the bed, the posts serve as a visual link between the shower and the beach chair.

Pebbles and grasslands are reminiscent of the sea

To imitate a shore, the bed is covered with pebbles. For a natural look larger stones are folded into small groups. Blue cushions 'Hürth' and grass 'Alba' spread out between the pebbles. The blue cushion opens its buds in April, in September it blooms a second time. The carnation will show off its cute white balls in May.

Planting plan and shopping list

The planting plan for our design proposal

The planting plan for our design proposal

1) Coastal cabbage (Crambe maritima), white flowers from May to July, up to 70 cm high, fresh shoots and leaves are bleached edible, 3 pieces; 15 €
2) Blue beach lilac (Limonium latifolium), blue-violet flowers in July and August, 70 cm high, typical coastal plant, 6 pieces; 20 €
3) Miscanthus 'Gnome' (Miscanthus sinensis), pink flowers from August to October, 140 cm high, narrow foliage, 1 piece; 10 €
4) Bearded Iris 'Stepping Out' (Iris barbata-elatior), blue-white flowers in May and June, 70 cm high, 3 pieces; 20 €
5) Blue cushions 'Hürth' (Aubrieta), blue-violet flowers in April and May, reliable after-flowering in September, 10 cm high, 3 pieces; 10 €
6) Magellan blue grass (Elymus magellanicus), yellowish flowers in June and July, bluish stems, good hardy, if not too wet, 5 pieces; 25 €
7) 'Alba' (Armeria maritima), white flowers from May to July, plastering promotes new buds, 15 cm high, 9 pieces; 30 €
8) Catnip 'Superba' (Nepeta racemosa x faassenii), purple-blue flowers from April to July, after-flowering in September, very good variety, 4 pieces; 15 €
(All prices are average prices, which may vary depending on the provider.)

A greeting from the North Sea

Coastal sea cabbage Crambe maritima

The sea kale (Crambe maritima) decorates perennial beds with its blue-green foliage and white inflorescences

The white-flowering coastal sea cabbage and the blue beach lilac are typical coastal plants and enhance the maritime character of the garden. The sea cabbage blooms from May, the beach lilac replaces it in July. Although the Magellan blue grass comes from the mountains of South America, but visually reminiscent of the beach grass of the dunes.

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