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Expel martens - which martens do not like: attic

Ideally, a marten has not even marked its new territory if you could drive it out immediately. Then he has left no smell world, the other marten makes the settlement sympathetic - hopefully he calls those fleeing to even that there are only things that do not like martens. What can you use what martens do not like at all?

Peculiarities of the Marder

Marten does not like a lot of things. From the point of view of the Marder, he would like to move into your attic, because he has identified this as a suitable area. He looks as considered as you do when you look for a new place to stay: He checks whether the potential new home meets his basic needs as well as possible.
The needs of a marten differ somewhat from ours, martens are active at night and want to sleep in peace during the day. They are therefore looking for quiet, naturally smelling, dark and vibration-free dwellings. They want to set up as comfortably as we do with a new home. This also looks a bit different than ours, although the "something different" is difficult for our senses. Because martens do not just set up cuddly nests by gathering feathers and other soft natural material in their attic. They also use their attic as a quiet dining area to consume their prey, whose remains do not form very pleasant smells. Above all, they mark their new territory exceptionally thoroughly, with their not exactly perfume-like anal gland secretions, with feces and urine.
Already this cozy setting should be urgently prevented, otherwise you will have to use a lot of effort and a lot of unpleasant chemistry to make your attic again accessible. If you hear the first sounds from the attic suggesting the planned settlement, you should as soon as possible confront the marten with anything he does not like, so that he immediately puts his assessment of the cozy new home into perspective and gives heel money.
What martens do not like results from the reversal of the idea of ​​the marten from his ideal dwelling:
  • It must be loud in your attic, it should smell like many things, the martens worry, it must be bright, and all kinds of vibrations are not wrong.

  • Martens do not like to smell a lot: the hair of strange animals that could be dangerous to them - as such, they look at dogs, maybe even cats, and definitely bears that are among their worst enemies in nature. A few bear hairs or even a little bear droppings might be available at the next zoo.

  • Many of the odors that have been invented by humans are scary to the marten, he should reject the smell of ammonia as well as that of mothballs and toilet stones. Marten probably still find many other man-made odors from hairspray to turpentine substitute unbearable.

However, if you only give it unpleasant odors, the marten might endure a while, if he finds your attic particularly comfortable. Therefore, you should also fire him under the... - if you were to do that literally, the marten would probably surrender very quickly, but unfortunately your attic could go up in flames. But it is also miteinem motion detector that lets shine light and noise sources in operation. The brighter the light and the more oblique the noises, the sooner you will impress the marten.
  • You have the choice between rock music (without motion detectors as a continuous sound) and dogs barking, bear roar and fire sirens, in terms of light and brightness, there are light flashes and halogen spotlights, disco balls and electric sparklers. An alarm clock ringing at regular intervals does the rest, even an ultrasound device with considerable sound pressure should help.

  • You could cause shocks by knocking hard on the ceiling from below with a broom, and you can now also frequent your attic very often and make a loud clatter.

Making noise to drive out martens

In case of doubt, it is not important to research exactly whether the accumulated experience on the Internet suggests that mothballs work better than toilet stones. Maybe "your" marten declines other scents than those described on the internet, maybe it's not even a marten that wants to move into your attic.
Maybe a raccoon in the loft is also open, with which you could have almost more "fun" than with the marten. But you can not care less how the smell preferences of the Marder, because it is crucial, above all, that you start immediately, preferably immediately, if you have heard the first sounds above your head.Combine all the sound and light sources and all the pungent smells that you have in the house, use the disturber as an opportunity to clean your attic noisily and with plenty of detergent or use the loft with the skipping rope or with the basketball for the ultimate in physical elaboration.
If you have misinterpreted the new marten in this way, you should check whether it has already left noticeable traces of odor. If this is the case, the loft should be thoroughly cleaned with a disinfectant, as a precaution, you could leave your "marten entertainment program" in operation for some time. It would be best of course, if you finally close all loopholes that are larger than 5 cm, then you will probably be left in the future by the martens in peace.

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