Drive marten out of the garden

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If you have marten in the garden, especially drivers are at risk. The cute animals eat with enthusiasm cables and brake hoses in the car and pose in this way a security risk.
But also feeding damage to heat insulation materials of the house or Kotablagen in the garden are good reasons to distribute the marten.
It is common sense to be so careful that the animals are not harmed. Many displacement methods are therefore based on measures that, while temporarily affecting the animals, do not permanently damage them.
Water and ultrasound against martens

  • The water scare
One way to banish martens from the garden is the so-called water scare. Here, water jets are used very targeted. With this device martens can be driven out by seeing, hearing and feeling. The strength of the water jet can be adjusted continuously. In the long term, the animals are forced to leave the protected area. The animals are doing no real damage. In general, they are only disturbed to the extent that they prefer to leave a certain area. The big advantages of the water quench are that the device is robust and reliable and no toxins are used. The device is only suitable for outdoor use, whereby the sensitivity of the shutter can be easily controlled.
  • The marten shock
The marten shocker for cars guarantees that the martens stay away. The Mardervertreibung thereby takes place essentially by an ultrasonic sound with a strength of 22 Khz and a 12 second cycle, which should prevent the habituation effect. Although the ultrasonic waves are very unpleasant for the martens, they do not cause serious damage to the animals. The martens are much more affected only insofar as they leave the protected area and later avoid it permanently. The biggest advantage of this device is that no toxins are used. But it is also important to note that these sounds are not harmful to humans or other animals.
  • The automatic animal defense
The automatic animal defense works with ultrasound tones. The motion detector is triggered automatically. The range is 16 meters at an angle of 90°. The ultrasonic sound used to keep the animals away is harmless. The device is battery powered and therefore can be set up anywhere. The supplied batteries have a lifespan of about 6 to 12 months. The ultrasonic sound has the ability to keep an area of ​​220 square meters marten-free. For humans, the sound is barely perceptible and therefore harmless. The device has 7 different ultrasonic intensities, which are individually adjustable.
By and large, one can say that for every purse there is the appropriate anti-marten device to drive the animals out of the garden and keep them away permanently. They all have one thing in common: They work without poison and the marten is therefore not killed. Although he is disturbed in his behavior, so he leaves the protected area and avoid, but he suffers no serious damage. Since there are many device variants to buy in the area of ​​marten expulsion from the garden, a price comparison is worthwhile in any case. The reliability is different. Since each garden is designed differently and each person has different ideas about the Mardervertreibung, clear purchase recommendations are useless.

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