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If a marten has taken up residence in a house, or has several times durchgebissen cable on the car, you are quickly very annoyed and also heavily burdened by the costs incurred. The trade offers for small devices, which often carry the appropriate name marten-free. These are ultrasound devices that emit ultrasonic sound in a very high frequency range. This ensures that this sound is inaudible to humans, but also, and that is important, inaudible to cats and dogs. At the same time, this inaudible sound is absolutely harmless, both to man and to the animal. A practical marten defense and permanent marten protection.
There are devices available on the market that require a power connection, but also those that only require batteries. Usually a corresponding power supply is included. Mostly they keep the area within a radius of about sixty square meters Marder- and mouse-free. They provide safe, easy and effective protection against martens.
Do not buy or use an ultrasound device without a thorough examination
Ultrasound machines are offered in large quantities, with comprehensive promises to keep all kinds of animals out of the garden. However, each animal has its own listening area, which sometimes intersects with that of humans: people hear sounds between 0.2 and 20 kilohertz, babies even higher sounds, dogs and cats hear deep sounds like humans and in the upper range sounds up to 50 or 65 kilohertz. The sound pressure is the next interesting size: In humans, a permanent hearing loss is to be assumed at values ​​from 80 decibels, which is why a permanent load of such values ​​in working life is only allowed with hearing protection.
In the case of ultrasound, it is therefore crucial to specify exactly two measured quantities: in which frequency range does the device operate and what is the sound pressure? If you take a closer look at the devices and especially their description, it quickly becomes clear that the frequency range information can not be found on most of these devices. The sound pressure is usually given, even with a certain pride is spoken of values ​​over 120 decibels. This makes a lot of these devices pretty dangerous: if there's somewhere in the rodent's frequency range of 20 to 60 kilohertz being sent, with values ​​around 120 dB, there's a pretty good chance that the neighbor's dog will be deafened by the device, and with a little bit of bad luck the baby of the neighbor The rest of the devices may transmit at 55 kilohertz, neither humans nor dogs hear, but cats are just as vulnerable to the damage as martens (they would hear nothing more than 65 kHz, but then the marten probably will not hear anything anymore).
However, when the marten gets the full payload of the 55khz, a device manufacturer's mistake comes to fruition, which has recently led to many reports of changing frequencies as the marten gets used to the sound in one frequency would: If in humans permanent noise from 80 dB at some point leads to a noise deafness, with which above all high frequencies can not hear, and this noise deafness at higher dB values ​​correspondingly faster, that will probably not be much different with the marten. This is the opinion of at least some scientists who have dealt with this problem lately, that means that you can make your "marten" deaf in no time with one of the impressive high sound pressure devices.
Other possibilities for marten defense
If you have an acoustic and electronics specialist in the household who is capable of buying the right ultrasound machine, that would at least drive out martens that are just entering their fields, but the device is usually not in the house yet. That's probably even the most important thing about the whole marten-defense action: that you react in time, so before the marten has made you feel comfortable, you can use a lot of other, more quickly available resources:
You could give the marten the move in your attic z. Mouthwash or toilet stones, cat or dog hair or the last perfume-bad buy, on the Internet you will still find many odors, the Marder should deter. Try what your marten does not like. The efforts to make the new apartment mad with noise and light should also be quite successful. Here, too, you can let your creativity run free: knocking on the ceiling, permanent light in the attic or cassette recorder, CD player or disco ball, Motion detector with radio and light, everything could scare away the marten.
For the car special lattice seals are then offered, for some car models you will find on the Internet also instructions for the automatic sealing of your engine compartment.
If you have been plagued by the marten for a long time, there are still many stronger means of the life trap up to a kind of electric fence for house or engine room, also a total sealing of the space inhabited by the marten is conceivable. All these measures should rather not be started by laymen, as many legal requirements must be respected, so here you should better rely on professional help from pest controllers, roofers or hunters.

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