Remedy for mosquitoes - what helps?

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Remedy for mosquitoes - what helps?: remedy

There are many remedies against mosquitoes, but unfortunately not all help.
In addition to traditional home remedies, there are of course the chemical club. Due to the large offer but you are often unsure what to grab. After all, a mosquito repellent can pose a much greater health risk than the mosquito itself. So what's the right thing to do?

Natural defense against mosquitoes for application to the skin

Only the female animals need blood, but the males are harmless to humans and animals. The females need a diet with highly concentrated energy. They put this in their offspring. The eggs are laid by the female in the water. From this, larvae develop, which as fully developed mosquitoes leave the water after some time.
Then the cycle of reproduction begins again. Its beginnings are in spring and extend into autumn. As long as it is warm, as long as the mosquitoes multiply and sting us accordingly.
Before starting the search for the appropriate remedy against the pests, one should think about where one wants to fend them off. If you want to be safe in the open air, the house should be free of mosquitoes or you want to protect the body from the attacks.
For the application on the skin are currently very often used repellents. They are something like a deodorant, which keeps the mosquitoes away with its fragrances. It is available as a roll-on in the form of sticks, sprays, patches and lotions. If you opt for lotion, spray or roll-on you have to work very carefully when applying. Every skin area to be protected must be provided with the product.
If you forget only the smallest part, the bloodsuckers throw themselves on this. The plaster has a large-scale effect. It is applied at the appropriate place in the package leaflet. Repellents are available in drugstores and pharmacies.
There are also a number of essential oils that mosquitoes can not smell in the truest sense of the word. These include, for example, lavender, lemon and catnip. But they must not be given undiluted to the skin. It is best mixed in a ratio of 1: 4 with his body lotion or a skin cream.

Mosquito repellent in the house

Of course you can not rub yourself in during the whole summer with the above home remedies. For a trouble-free evening outdoors, but they are well suited. Of course, in house there are also a large number of remedies that are effective against mosquitoes. The simplest and perhaps the best is not to let the mosquitoes in at first.
This is possible by attaching insect screens. They prevent mosquitoes and other animals from getting into their own four walls. Some, however, do not like such protective grids at all. You still do not have to deliver the mosquitoes defenseless. Fragrance lamps provided with the appropriate essential oils keep mosquitoes reliably away even within the house.
You can also apply essential oil to bed linen, light bulbs and clothing. It then has a similar effect. Lavender, a bowl of vinegar essence, fragrance geraniums or tomato plants on the window sill also smell so unpleasant for mosquitoes that they prefer to stay away.
Finally, a word on chemical agents. There are more than enough, but if you use them, you should check extensively. First, you should always try the mosquito repellent by natural means. Chemistry not only keeps mosquitoes out, it also kills them. From this it can already be deduced that these funds may not be conducive to one's own health.

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