Medicinal plants for a strong heart

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In the treatment of heart problems, medicinal plants play an increasingly important role. They are well tolerated and their spectrum of action is often greater than that of synthetic agents. Of course you always have to consult a doctor for acute complaints. But natural medicine does an excellent job of prevention and treatment of functional ailments where physicians can not find any organic cause.

Hawthorn for the heart

The best known plant for the motor of life is probably the hawthorn. It is known that it stimulates the circulation of the coronary vessels and improves the performance of the whole organ. With extracts from the pharmacy therefore circulatory disorders, mild forms of heart failure as well as pressure and anxiety feelings are treated. To prevent problems, you can also enjoy a daily tea. For this purpose, a teaspoon of hawthorn leaves and flowers is brewed with 250 ml of water. Then let it rest for five to ten minutes. Especially in nervous disorders or tachycardia without physical cause, the motherwort, has proven very useful. There are also extracts in the pharmacy. For a tea, you brew one and a half teaspoons of cabbage with 250 milliliters of water and let it draw for ten minutes.

Plants that do the heart good


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Medicinal plants for a strong heart: heart

Medicinal plants for a strong heart: problems

Medicinal plants for a strong heart: plants


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Plants for a strong heart

Medicinal plants for a strong heart: heart

To relieve and improve the circulation of the heart muscle, Naturopathy uses motherwort

Medicinal plants for a strong heart: medicinal

A tea from the leaves of the linden calms and affects high blood pressure positively

Medicinal plants for a strong heart: problems

Extracts of ginkgo leaves facilitate oxygen transport in the blood. That benefits the motor of life

Medicinal plants for a strong heart: heart

The herbs Borretsch helps with nervous heart problems

Medicinal plants for a strong heart: problems

According to Hildegard von Bingen, the powdered root of galangal relieves heartache when chewed. This effect is still attributed to the ginger plant today

Medicinal plants for a strong heart: heart

Even the scent of roses is relaxing. A tea from the petals also relieves mild heart problems

Medicinal plants for a strong heart: plants

Around the Mediterranean one uses a tea, for which one brews 2 teaspoons olive leaves with 250 ml water, as means against increased blood pressure

Medicinal plants for a strong heart: problems

The spice Oregano has a calming effect on the whole nervous system and so does the heart well


Leaves linden

Gingko leaves



rose petals

olive leaves


Effect of spices

Various spices also have a positive effect on the entire cardiovascular system. Rosemary improves blood circulation, oregano soothes and borage counteracts nervous irritation. Frequent use in the kitchen is well worth it. A special root is the galangal. It relieves tightness and stinging in the chest, often resulting from severe indigestion. Galangal is used like ginger in the kitchen. Nature also has something to offer for increased blood pressure, which also puts a heavy strain on the heart: a tea made from olive or lime leaves gently lowers it. And a fragrant relaxation program for soul and body is the enjoyment of a rose tea.

Recipe: hawthorn liqueur

Place 300 grams of hawthorn berries with about 150 grams of candy in a one-liter bottle with a wide neck. Fill up the bottle with grain or vodka (from 32 percent) and place it on the windowsill. Shake once a day. The berries quickly lose their color and give off to the liquid. The liqueur must pull for at least six weeks. Then strain the berries and put the liqueur back in the bottle. Drink a liqueur glass full of it daily to prevent heart trouble or ease mild problems.

Berries hawthorn

A liqueur from the red fruits of hawthorn is a classic means of strengthening the heart

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