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The nurse and alternative practitioner Ursel B├╝hring founded the first school for holistic phytotherapy in Germany 14 years ago. At the center of teaching is man as part of nature. The medicinal plant expert shows us how to effectively use healing herbs in everyday life.

The medicinal plant school: school

Did you know that you can treat cold sores with lemon balm? "Ursel B├╝hring, the founder and director of the renowned Freiburg medicinal plant school plucks some lemon balm leaves in the school's own herb garden, turns and presses them between her fingers and dabs the escaping plant juice onto her upper lip. "Stress, but also too much sun can trigger cold sores. The essential oils of lemon balm block the docking of the herpes virus to the cells. But otherwise the balm is a great medicinal plant... "

Medicinal plant school: student

Herbs for skin problems - the students are enthusiastic

Attentive to listening to the students of the medicinal plant school of their lecturer, ask interested questions and enjoy the many original, historical and popular stories around the lemon balm. One senses Ursel B├╝hring's enthusiasm for medicinal plants comes from the heart and is based on a wealth of expertise. Even as a child she put her nose in every calyx inquisitive and was blessed when she got a magnifying glass for her seventh birthday. Your excursions into the plant world around Sillenbuch near Stuttgart have now become even more exciting. In the vicinity, the secrets of nature opened miraculously and things were revealed that were not visible to the naked eye.

Ursel B├╝hring

Ursel B├╝hring focuses on medicinal teas and plants

Today Ursel B├╝hring is supported by a team of experienced lecturers - alternative practitioners, physicians, biologists, biochemists and herbalists. The headmistress of the Heilpflanzen-Schule uses the free time to pass on her extensive knowledge as a writer. Even on their travels are herbs and the local flora in the center. Whether in the Swiss Alps or the Amazon - it is always their self-made travel pharmacy from herbal oils, tinctures and plant ointments.

If despite all the precautions, after the mountain hike or gardening, face, arms and neck are still reddened? "Then the affected skin should be cooled quickly. Cold water, as well as sliced ÔÇőÔÇőcucumbers, tomatoes, raw potatoes, milk or yoghurt are well suited as a first aid measure. In every household and in every hotel there is a 'kitchen pharmacy'. Basically you should only treat first and second degree burns yourself, "recommends the medicinal plant expert," and see a doctor immediately if there is no improvement within a few days, because even medicinal plants have their natural limits. "
Info: In addition to extra occupational basic training and continuing education in phytotherapy, the Freiburg Heilpflanzenschule also offers specialist training in women's natural medicine and aromatherapy as well as subject-specific specialist seminars on, for example, "medicinal plants for pets", "medicinal plants for the concomitant treatment of cancer patients or in wound treatment", "botany of the umbelliferae" or "The signature of herbal ingredients".
Further information and registration: Freiburger medicinal plant school, Zechenweg 6, 79111 Freiburg, phone 07 61/55 65 59 05,

Herbal books by Usel B├╝hring

Order "my nursery school"
Order "Everything about Medicinal Plants"

In her book "Meine Heilpflanzenschule" (Kosmos Verlag, 224 pages, 19.95 euros) Ursel B├╝hring tells entertaining and informative her own personal story, integrated in the four seasons and garnished with many valuable suggestions, tips and recipes with medicinal plants.
Recently, the second, revised edition of Ursel B├╝hring's book "Alles ├╝ber Heilpflanzen" (Ulmer-Verlag, 361 pages, 29.90 euros) is also available, in which she comprehensively and easily describes 70 medicinal plants, their ingredients and effects. Anyone who wants to make ointments, tinctures and medicinal tea mixes will find out how it is done here.

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