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Winter feeding, yes or no? - A question that always leads to heated discussions among animal friends. While some want to lighten the feathery garden guests by feeding the long winter time, the others consider bird feeding in winter completely unnecessary and an artificial invasion of nature. Both opinions are understandable.
For all those who are uncertain, but want to help the birds, the Nature Conservation Union Germany (NABU) is now clear decision-making tools: Against the feeding speaks that mainly species are promoted, which occur in our already in the majority. The winter feeding thus makes no contribution to the conservation of rare species. Excessive winter feeding also disturbs the natural balance between birds who have stayed at home and migratory birds, as the birds who have stayed at home start the next spring, favored. Due to unclean feeding areas, every year many birds also suffer from diseases.
On the other hand, winter feeding offers children a good, often unique opportunity to observe animals up close. Also, everyone can ensure that individual domestic birds survive the winter by feeding. The Nature Conservation Association therefore recommends: When fed, then right!

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