The Content Of The Article: Meranti is a tropical hardwood. Due to its properties, Meranti is preferably used for window construction. But also for the production of furniture and doors. Meranti is also suitable for the production of parquet floors.
Meranti wood grows in Malaysia, Sarawak, Brunei and Indonesia. The trees usually reach a height of up to 45 m. The logs have a maximum diameter of 1.5 m. The heartwood is usually reddish brown. The sapwood varies from yellowish to gray pink.
The individual species differ in color and weight. The various subgroups are called Light red Meranti, Dark red Meranti, Yellow Meranti, White Meranti. For example, Light red Meranti has a bulk density of approx. 0.53 g / cm³ and Dark red Meranti a bulk density of more than 0.7 g / cm³. The bending strength of the different types of meranti is between 90 and 126 N / mm². The compressive strength between
51 and 65 N / mm². The tensile strength of the different types of meranti is between 120 and 165 N / mm².
Meranti is tough and very resistant. The wood is easy to work, peel, glue and polish well. The heartwood is very resistant to fungus and insects, while the sapwood is not.
The use of Merantiholz ​​in general is criticized by environmental organizations such as WWF and Robin Wood, because the majority of the on the market Merantiholzes comes from illegal exploitation. By
Threatened by this depletion are also endangered species such as tigers and orangutans. Their habitat is namely the tropical rainforest, which is threatened by uncontrolled deforestation, or is destroyed.
However, there is also so-called FSC meranti, whose origin is clearly traceable. The wood comes from FSC certified forests. The degradation of this wood happens under consideration of ecological criteria. Wood with FSC seal is fully certified throughout the processing and trade chain. Paying attention to the FSC seal when buying meranti wood helps to protect the unique ecosystems.

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