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House mouse

Mice are cute, but not in the house. In the article you will learn how to disturb the collection of house mice
and already immigrated mice with disgraceful home remedies out of the house disgust (to later, in peace, prevent the renewed Hausmaus immigration).

Emergency aid for quick-thinking

The house mouse is a cultural successor, so lives better in the human environment than in the wild. Every new generation of mice has to conquer "their human environment" but immigrate to your home. If you manage your household so well that you quickly discover the intruders (the "exploratory mice") or their legacies (gnawed supplies, packaging, storage containers, running and piping marks, feces), you've almost won.
Because the most successful motto for controlling domestic mice is: (R) out of the mouse, preferably the first. From the house you get the mice with every measure that feeds in the mouse brain the assumption that in this house neither food nor a quiet shelter are easily and conveniently available:
  • Noise, if you do not know the mouse hideaway, throughout the house
  • As loud as possible, listen best to the / with the neighbors, which from the all-around closed house outgoing noise immission in the frame
  • In addition to the stereo system and the TV sound the old portable radio, the mobile phone with the bloodcurdling wake-up call, the trumpet practicing neighbor boy
  • As a homeowner at this time enjoy a long movie night followed by a restaurant visit
  • Stink, best only for the mice and not for you
  • Peppermint, Camphor, Chamomile, Chili, Cayenne pepper, Cloves, Eucalyptus, brewed as oil or as tea
  • Combed dog hair, litter from used litter box (neighbors)
  • "Stinking bad buys" with the cheapest chemistry are also an impertinence for mouse noses
  • Our 10-30 million olfactory cells annoy the false spring charm, the mouse (250 million olfactory cells) takes olfactorisch shocked the paw under the arm
  • The cleaning cabinet is freed from the new flower scent cleaner, the linen cupboard from the fabric softener fragrance bomb, the medicine cabinet from the "antique" China oil
  • When the mice live in the attic or in the basement, they light up for a while
  • On this occasion, just air thoroughly, pulling mice do not like at all
  • If there is a cat in the neighborhood that really chases mice, invite them to a "hunting event"
  • Before getting started, lock up all open food
  • Fruit bowl and snack cabinet in front of the TV, the bio bin, the drying herbs, the smarties on the computer

House mouse herbal scents

This ad hoc expulsion of freshly migrating mice is not about using one of the remedies in a particular way. It's about quickly putting together a combination of several "Mice Scares" that make it clear to mice that there are no cuddly corners or food. With a little creativity, many others join in with these proposals, and you can be creative in their application. For example, the disgustingly scented fragrance cleaner, which is already in a spray bottle, with strong peppermint tea and clove oil to the real "anti-mouse cocktail".

Mice Paradise 1: Animal Loving Home Owners

If house mice are very lucky, they have caught a house with pet-loving homeowners. Those who find a little mouse cute and also do not get a heart attack in a few mice that the mice happy, but if house mice are doing really well, the population can quickly become too large. For the kindly people who did not quite get upset when a little mouse crossed their path, a bad and unjust trap: they certainly do not want to live in the house with a lot of mice, but have little desire to Coming soon in the big mouse slaughter.
In this situation, the saving phrase is: "If the mice are well...", because a house mouse adapts their reproductive ability to the food supply. When food becomes scarce and the place becomes narrow or disturbingly uncomfortable, the social stress with the roommates immediately leads to the release of hormones that retard heat and fatigue (a very precisely functioning "natural pill" against overpopulation, because with endogenous hormone control never Ingestion can be forgotten).
The food gets scarce when you once roam the house from the loft to the basement and collect everything and dispose of what is lying around in a corner and edible or obviously organic.In order to make the luxury housing estate for mice a slum without a supermarket, you do not have to eliminate the last crumb that a mouse just barely between the teeth, then you would end up scratching the wallpaper, because wallpaper paste contains edible starch, Here it is crucial that you eliminate the obvious, inviting food sources:
  • With a bit of attention and creative thinking, because obviously means: openly visible to mice
  • So also the cookie jar that fell behind the cupboard years ago, whose packaging has since been rusted through
  • Organic are not just parts of the wallpaper (which should really stay on the walls)
  • But also root-throated-moss creations from the work art lessons of the grandchildren
  • And the rabbit hay store in the high hall closet, etc.

House mouse food cans

If the mice do not bother you much, you can go to the mouse-free home without stress.
  • First, reduce mouse food supply significantly
  • Then gradually spray anti-mouse scent (peppermint and Co.) in all dark corners
  • From the mouse-free rooms closer to the mice
  • Afterwards loft (or basement, depending on where the mice live) once thoroughly
  • With the big, loud building vacuum cleaner (which can be borrowed at the hardware store)
  • Thoroughly air the following day
  • From then on suck and air more often, in the evening and with light
  • And spray the peppermint mixture into the last crack
If the generation of mice born after these weeks is faced with the decision to settle or move away from home, they should no longer find it particularly difficult to embark on a bold journey abroad.
Tip: In deciding whether to tolerate or act, extrapolation of the population can help: If house mice are well, they will continue planting throughout the year, wearing time 3 weeks + 3 weeks "recovery from pregnancy" = next reproduction. Provides up to 8 litters per year with 3-8 boys who are sexually mature at the age of six weeks and then also contribute to strengthening the population. A school example of exponential growth, from 1.1. extrapolated (50% female mice, 5 boys per litter) are theoretically 57,344 mice on 30 July 896 and on 3 December. Of course, such an exponential function is subject to interference in real life; and the descendants are probably already looking for a new area in the area of ​​double-digit numbers, because only a very small part of the house offers an optimal mouse environment. But the ideal-type calculation shows very clearly that if you tolerate mice too long, you could involuntarily create a bigger mouse breed.

Mice Paradise 2: poorly accessible rooms; or the building substance itself

You can control your household as well as you can imagine, and still be confronted with house mice that obviously populate several of your house and are only heard but never seen. Because house mice can penetrate into areas that are accessible to people only with considerable effort or not at all. Meant is z. For example, the decades of non-structurally treated attic, which is entered only for the maintenance of the attic (via a flap with a shaky ladder in front), meant the dilapidated, actually closed cellar or the old conservatory, which will soon be demolished. However, house mice also nest directly in the building fabric, in the straw-loam pit of an old half-timbered house or in the modern partition wall insulation.

House of Homes Buildings

These mice, too, can usually convince you of the discomfort of your home with a bundle of the measures listed. For the mice in the partition, you can also try the following:
  • A small hole in the wall with a bucket underneath can do wonders
  • But must be constantly observed / emptied, because the mice otherwise die of stress
  • Without a hole, a "drum concert on the wall" can drive mice away
  • The last measure before opening / demolition of the cladding is mouse-proof closure of the entrances with cement mortar
Tip: The fact that instead of their "products" the cat itself is also suitable for controlling mice seems to be a fixed fact, which is repeated in all "articles against mice". If you read real experiences, it looks a bit different. Cat are natural predators of mice and can be used in appropriate environment (on the farm or similar) useful for controlling mice. But only there and only then; today's domestic cat comes to their forage without any hunts, even free-range runners with self-care will find food before the mice hunt - no one is hungry for us, at least no cat or any other species that can tolerate human food. Because that we produce about half of our food for the garbage, not only has the in the media again and again durchgekauten consequences, but provides z. B.Also, that cats and other rodent enemies no longer hunt mice and all culture followers to wild boar in the vicinity of human dwellings can easily beat the bellies. Many city cats play with mice, many "give away" half-dead mice to their owners.

Contra-productive mouse control

Since you have been looking for home remedies, you are obviously interested in animal welfare, neither for mice cruel nor for humans, pets, other animals, environment harmful mouse control. With the measures mentioned so far, you can get house mice out of the house faster than with the following listed resources - which, apart from all thoughts of ecology or animal welfare, are of no use, because they only very ineffectively fight mice, but create further problems:
  • Chemistry against mice is poisonous, even to humans, other animals, the environment
  • For the mice not necessarily, they become more resistant to the toxins with every superfluous (disproportionate) pest control
  • The poison is the liability, your liability, if something went wrong and you have read something in the page-long instructions
  • If it works, the mouse slowly bleeds inwardly - and after that cruel death very often decomposes into inaccessible areas
  • If infected by mice, it is caused by this, otherwise dogs and cats statistically transmit more diseases
  • Surviving mice remain and enjoy more space and food, and the losses in the population are offset by increased reproductive rates
  • Ultrasound devices transmit in the frequency range of 30,000-60,000 Hz - perhaps an invitation, as mice communicate by ultrasound of these frequencies
  • The sound pressure of up to 160 decibels (jet jet) can drive pets to madness
  • How much the increasing "ultrasound" harms people (even in the inaudible range), is being researched
  • Mousetraps are a great employment strategy, with a lot of effort and mostly little success
There are situations where tougher measures against mice are unavoidable; But then it should definitely decide an employee of the local Environmental Agency, because in these cases usually a fight in several / many houses required and only makes sense.
Tip: The Internet is teeming with offers for deadly mouse traps (incl. Live traps barely releasing live animals - a technical term from pest control, but not even the Duden knows) and mouse poison - that is probably the normal, after reading this eco-article Once you take care of "right mouse control"? No, it is not, in search engines first appear the best optimized to the entered search word texts, including many operated with the greatest effort sales pages, if the search word fits the product (this effort you pay in the product price). In reality, a topic always touches a wide variety of arguments, in reality, few bloodthirsty mouse killers live in our country. The official authorities rarely advise poisoning mice; The best live trap is the mouse manager from the zoo business on a bucket (with mouse treats, every "pop" into the garden) and not the 99-euro construct to order.


The prevention strategy depends on the environment of your home:
Even in the 4th floor city apartment on the main street can ever get lost a mouse, and if that was pregnant, there is a while a few little mice. But if they are expelled, you can assume that the next mice will not be at the door immediately. Maybe in the future, make sure that there are not three well-filled fruit plates around and get a new organic waste bin that can be sealed well, but that's actually what mouse prevention is all about.
In the detached house with garden that looks different:
Freezing mice like to spend the winter in the basement or in the attic; if it is pretty, they stay in spring too; if the neighbor collects a lot of beautiful things right behind the fence, there is a good chance that the mice will be and eventually (because of better food supply, for example) choose their house. Depending on how highly you rate your house's "mice at risk", you can do several, several, all of the following preventive actions:
  • Used cat litter becomes a permanent anti-mouse smell bomb in perforated plastic bags
  • Inspect food supply: replace paper and plastic bags with glass or solid plastic, pack long dry spice bouquets
  • At least on the weekend daily two short bumps, with passage between two openings
  • Close all trash can well, as well as many mouse entry holes (with insulating material, construction foam, mortar, wire or sheet metal)
  • Even the garden (around the house, if the mice do not bother otherwise) should not be the only mouse paradise in the area
  • The compost heap belongs in the back garden, to dry stone walls, deadwood piles and not accurately trimmed bird protection trees
  • On the compost rats are more of a problem that should find no meat, bread, cooked
  • Mice are allowed to live quietly on the compost, they earn by crushing larger waste
  • Feed birds in the garden and back, and rodents like supernumerary bird food
  • The garden at the front of the house should become the "ordinary part of the garden"
  • Remove paper stacks from the house, mice do not eat (it just looks like that), but they gnaw the obstacles and use snippets as nesting material
  • Do not feed pets outdoors and game animals at all

House mouse compost

Here, too, it's time to let your imagination wander and to look at things "from a mouse's point of view": What's open around here that I could eat if I were very small but had sharp teeth and an appetite for any organic material? Organic parts are not only in the wallpaper (which could be sprayed with peppermint scent), but also in the hobby room - the many flower heads that you dry there on the wall tables for future floristic artworks all year round, only then no longer lure the mice if you finally dam the hobby room and seal.
Looks like a huge catalog of preventive measures, against small mice, that seems to be reasonable and unexcited people between "little gaga" and "totally covered". In fact, as you can see in the hobby room, it is not quite so, because a lot of these preventive measures are in the area of ​​"house and property maintenance". There, in turn, they often belong to the typical "that would have to be done" tasks - for which mouse prevention now provides additional motivation; When these things are finally done, man is happy.

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