Michelle Obama lays vegetable garden

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Michelle Obama lays vegetable garden: Obama

Sugar peas, oak leaf lettuce and fennel: This will make a downright princely meal when Michelle Obama, First Lady and wife of US President Barack Obama, brings in their harvest for the first time. A few days ago, she and some students from the Washington neighborhood (Bancroft elementary school) slipped on thick boots, rolled up her sleeves and bravely picked up a shovel and a rake. Your project: a Vegetable bed in the kitchen garden of the White House - all in a purely biological culture.

Michelle Obama lays vegetable garden: Obama

Even the First Lady packs vigorously with

For over 60 years, this is the first kitchen garden on the grounds of the President's residence. Most recently, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt (wife of President Franklin Roosevelt (1933-1945)) grew fruit and vegetables there. She wanted to be a role model for Americans and encourage them to eat well and healthily. This is also Michelle Obama's idea behind the project. She explained: "Healthy food is very important to me and my family." Especially in times of fast food and increased obesity she wants to sharpen the nutritional awareness of Americans. The harvested vegetables and herbs will provide for their family, staff and guests of the White House. At the first cut of the spade, she said with joy: "This is a great day. We've been talking about the project since we moved in here. "

Michelle Obama lays vegetable garden: vegetable

Michelle Obama creates the vegetable garden together with a horticultural expert and elementary school students

The primary school students can take care of gardening from start to finish, from planting to preparing the harvest. The harvested vegetables and herbs should not only be prepared and consumed in the White House, but will also benefit a care kitchen for the needy (Miriam's Kitchen).
Together with the children and the horticultural expert Dale Haney, Michelle Obama has implemented the richly laid out, L-shaped kitchen garden.
What is there in the presidential bed? Various types of cabbage such as broccoli, carrots, spinach, shallots, fennel, sugar peas and various salads. Aromatic herbs also grow in the garden of the "First Gardener". These include sorrel, thyme, oregano, sage, rosemary, hyssop, chamomile and marjoram. Some raised beds were also planted, where mint and rhubarb thrive among others. Even the eye and a healthy soil was thought: as colorful splashes of color and green manure serve zinnias, marigolds and nasturtium.

Michelle Obama lays vegetable garden: Obama

The plan for the kitchen garden of the White House (click to enlarge).

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